Making Reservations

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If you have made a reservation request through us,please fill out our survey!

Reservation requests for Lamberton, University Center, and Asa Packer Campus's Outside Spaces can be placed at Campus Facility Reservations. Click on My Request and login with your Lehigh user ID and password to make a reservation.

Due to our limited number of spaces, whenever necessary, we will use our discretion to relocate an event to a space that is more appropriate for the size and/or function of the event.

External organizations that would like to reserve space in the University Center or an Outdoor Space on the Asa Packer Campus may call 610-758-4163. External organizations that would like to reserve space in Lamberton Hall may call 610-758-0028. External groups should review the Student Center Event Guideline for External Users before making a reservation.

Some things to consider when making a reservation:

  • Equipment: Each facility has equipment that can be requested with your event. Equipment is assigned on the first request basis. External groups will be charged an equipment rental fee. Available equipment is listed on each facility's page.
  • Security Charges: Security charges may apply to your event as determined by the hours staff are required. Please see our Facility Hours and Charges page.
  • Setup Charges: Setup charges may apply to your event depending on the facility and your event needs. Please see our Facility Hours and Charges page.
  • Other Charges: If ABM is required to perform additional setup for your event, such as setting up a stage, or it is necessary to place a work order to clean up or perform repairs after your event, your group's account will be charged the full cost.

Internal/External Structure

As a reminder, due to the unique pricing structure afforded to University groups, the following guidelines must be adhered to when reserving space through the Student Center Facilities Office:

  • The group hosting the event must consist almost entirely of students, faculty, administrators, or staff of the University.
  • The primary activity being hosted is directly related to the University.
  • A valid University index number must be given at the time the reservation is made; all charges will be applied accordingly.  Please contact our office if you need further clarification regarding this policy.

Changing or Canceling a Confirmed Reservation

To make a change or to cancel a reservation, in a Student Center Facility Reserved Space, complete the cancellation/update form online.

Student Center Spaces include: AC - Asa Campus Outdoor Space, LA - Lamberton Hall, or UC - University Center

Please include the following:

  • Confirmation Number (ex. 2010-AABBCC)
  • Date of the event for changes or cancellation
  • Name of the event
  • For changes include details

Reservations not canceled with prior notice will be charged a cancellation fee.

We require a 24 hour (one business day) notice prior to canceling a reservation.

The following locations require 72 hour (3 business days) notice prior to canceling a reservation:

  • Asa Campus Outdoor Spaces
  • University Center - Asa Packer Room, Johnson Dining Room, Cort Dining Room
  • Lamberton Hall - Great Room



  • Outdoor Spaces - $75.00


  • Room 302, 304, 306, Faculty Lounge, Faculty Lounge East, Faculty Lounge West, 401, 408, 409 - $75.00
  • Room 303, 308, Johnson Dining Room, Cort Dining Room - $150
  • Asa Packer Room -$350 (Effective May 2013 fee will be $400)


  • Room 152, 153 - $75.00
  • Great Room - $150


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