Outside Spaces

Reserving Outside Spaces

Reservation requests for outdoor space on lower Asa Campus can be placed at Campus Facility Reservations.
For more information about reserving outdoor spaces, please read our Outdoor Events Guidelines.

Outdoor Locations

** Reserve through Conference Services

Alumni Memorial Arrival Court

Outside of Alumni Memorial

Butz Plaza

In Front of Fairchild/Martindale Library

Campus Square Courtyard

Campus Square

Franz Plaza

South of the University Center

Karakash Plaza

South Entrance of Packard

Leadership Plaza

Outside of Alumni Memorial

Memorial Walkway

In front of Chandler/Ulman and Lewis Lab



Sacred Grove

West of Packard



Sculpture Garden

Between Sinclair, Whitaker, and Neville



Tamerler Courtyard

Entrance area of Zoellner Arts Center

Zoellner Arts Center approval needed for use.



University Center Lawn

North of the University Center



Vresics Walkway

Betweent the University Center and the UC Front Lawn

Vresics Walkway Vresics Walkway




Wilbur Fountain

Outside Wilbur Powerhouse



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