"My Lehigh" Photo Guidelines

  • When taking photos you should always use the highest quality setting available on the camera

  • Camera resolution is not represented in dpi or ppi - just in pixels. A camera with one megapixel resolution will create an image with one million pixels.

  • To  find out how many megapixels are required by your camera to produce a specific image, multiple the length x width of that image (in inches) x 300 dpi x 300 dpi.

    For example:

    o   12” x 18”  would be calculated as: 12 x 300 (=3600) and 18 x 300 (= 5400) which is 3600 dpi x 5400 dpi

    o   28” x 22”  would be calculated as: 28 x 300 (=8400) and 22 x 300 (= 6600) which is 8400 dpi x 6600 dpi

    o   48” x 36”  would be calculated as: 48 x 300 (=14,400) and 22 x 300 (= 6600) which is 8400 dpi x 6600 dpi

  • Note that images taken with a digital camera use the RGB color space. When RGB is converted to CMYK, images tend to darken. It is recommended that you brighten and sharpen your image using Photoshop for clearer printing.

  • Save your photos as .tif images.  Please label each image with the following; year, month and your last name and number.  Example; 2013_03_Smith 1, 2013_03_ Smith 2. etc.

  • When working in Photoshop you can resize the photo using Image from the top menu bar.

    o   Always check or choose Constrain Proportions

    o   Do not check or choose Resample Images  

    o   Resampling will decrease the resolution of the image

  • Remember that your screen needs 72 dpi for your image to look good on screen but you will need at least 150 dpi at the final print size for your image to look good in print. 

  • Pictures taken on phones do not meet the above requirements and will not be used.

  • Maximum submission is twelve images.

  • All images should be submitted through Lehigh dropbox https://dropbox1.lehigh.edu/dropbox/ to recipient Maddy Eadline mce3@lehigh.edu.

    Please feel free to contact my office if you have any additional questions.

    Carol Hill
    Director of Student Center Facilities






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