University Center Grace Lounge Poster Display Frames

In order to enhance the University Center 2nd floor Grace Lounge Food Court seating area and provide information for students, exhibit frames were installed for campus use.  This is a great area to showcase prints, posters, images, create special event posters, or design information posters.  The twelve exhibit frames are located all along the north wall of the dining room.

General Information:

Frame Sizes:

There are ten frames that are 28” wide x 22” long
There are two 24” wide x 36” long


We recommend having posters printed by LU Printing Services at


Reserving Frames:

Frames can be reserved online through Campus Facility Reservations

Frames can be reserved for a minimum of one week and a maximum of one semester

Frames can be reserved as

  • a group of 12
  • northeast section of 7
  • northwest section of 5
  • individually by number (see diagram below)

Grace Lounge Poster Frames




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