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Medical Amnesty

The health and safety of every Lehigh community member is our primary concern.

To this end, the Medical Amnesty Policy has been developed as part of Lehigh's comprehensive approach to reducing the harmful secondhand effects caused by alcohol abuse.

The purpose of the Medical Amnesty Policy is to increase the likelihood that community members will call for medical assistance when faced with an alcohol-related emergency. The Medical Amnesty Policy provides special exceptions to the university’s code of conduct process. However, the Medical Amnesty Policy does not provide protection from legal consequences of underage or excessive drinking.

When students decide to drink, we expect them to do so in a responsible and legal manner. We recognize that there may be times when students may experience severe intoxication or a serious injury resulting from alcohol.

Should an alcohol-related emergency arise, we expect students to call for medical assistance. Recognizing that students may be reluctant to seek help in such alcohol-related emergencies because of potential university judicial consequences for themselves, the person in need of assistance, or the organization hosting the event where the situation occurs Lehigh sought a way to reduce barriers to seeking assistance, which resulted in the creation of the Medical Amnesty Policy.

The policy and this Web site also promote education for individuals who receive emergency medical attention related to their own use of alcohol in order to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences.

To view the Medical Amnesty Policy, click here

Unsure what to do in an alcohol or drug emergency? Click here to learn more about what to do to make sure you understand what else to do in an alcohol or other drug emergency. But when in doubt, call Lehigh police at 8.4200 (610.758.4200 from off-campus or a cell phone).

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