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University Regulations

Change of Personal Record Information

Change of Address and/or Telephone Number. Each student is expected to have current permanent and local addresses and telephone numbers on file in the Registrar's Office. Changes to that information should be immediately reported to the Registrar.  Changes to personal information may be made using the secure area login in the Student Self Service area and selecting Personal Information; this system is password or PIN protected. A student will be held responsible for any communication from a University office sent to the address last given to the registrar and may not claim indulgence on the plea of having moved and, therefore, of not having received the communication.

Name Change. A currently enrolled student may change a full, legal name on his or her permanent academic record by presenting the appropriate documentation to the Registrar. To correct the spelling or the proper sequence (not caused by data entry errors) of the name, the student must present a copy of his or her birth certificate or passport. To change a legal name to a new legal name, the student must present a request and a copy of the signed court order showing the authorized new legal name. To assume her husband's name by repute following marriage, a student must present a request in writing accompanied by a copy of the marriage certificate. A female student who wishes to discontinue the use of her married name and resume use of her maiden name, or another name, must present a copy of the divorce decree, or signed court order, showing court restoration of the maiden or other name.


To prevent personal injury, the University prohibits possession or use of any potentially dangerous weapon or explosive on University property.  Such prohibited weapons include, but are not limited to, firearms, ammunition, air guns, spring-type weapons, slingshots and firecrackers.

Violators of these regulations are subject to disciplinary action and contraband is subject to confiscation.

Weapons under the control of the military departments are not subject to these regulations. All firearms belonging to Lehigh University must be secured in the Lehigh Police Office.

Pennsylvania has adopted the Uniform Firearms Act (18 Pa.C.S. Subch. 61A), which generally prohibits carrying handguns on the person or in vehicles without a license. In the City of Bethlehem , licenses are issued by the Lehigh or Northampton County Sheriff's Office.


Fire Equipment

The supply, placement and maintenance of fire equipment in the residence halls is in conformity with the safety laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania . All students have a joint interest and responsibility in maintaining this equipment in perfect condition.

Violators are subject to prosecution by state laws as well as University penalties. Any student who maliciously or intentionally misuses or damages any fire equipment will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including suspension from the University.

Individuals responsible for misuse or damage will be fined up to $300.00 plus replacement cost and subject to disciplinary action.



Identification Cards

Every student must carry his or her ID card at all times.  Upon request of any community official, a student must show the ID Card.  University community officials include Lehigh police, gryphons, residence halls and fraternity security personnel, house officers in fraternities and sororities, Athletic Department personnel, Dining Service personnel and Library personnel.


Parking and Motor Vehicle Regulations

All parking and motor vehicle regulations can be found online at:



No animals, with the exception of non-predatory fish in properly maintained aquariums of 10 gallons or less (aquariums must have noise-free compressors for the filters) will be allowed in the residence halls, fraternities, or sororities. Fraternity and Sorority chapters may have one dog or one cat per house as a mascot. The animal must be registered properly on-campus with LUPD and Residential Services. All local, state and federal laws must be maintained. Pets are not permitted to enter any buildings on campus.



The University does not permit construction of any type of pool, indoor or outdoor, in any fraternity, sorority or residence area. The policy is due to the legal liabilities associated with pools in residential areas, as well as the potential risk for injury and wear on facilities. In addition, the two pools located in Taylor Gym adequately and safely serve the Lehigh community's swimming needs.

Posting of Signs and Notices

Signs, notices and banners may be posted or hung in authorized areas only. Notices must be affixed to designated bulletin boards only, and are not permitted on any painted surfaces, entrance or fire doors, or windows.  Notices to be posted in residence halls must be delivered to the Office of Residential Services. Notices to be posted in fraternities and sororities must be delivered to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs.


Sales and Fund-Raising

Campus-wide or fund-raising projects must be registered and approved by the Dean of Students Office. This can be done by filling out a Request Form at: The University Center Reservation Desk, first floor.  Student Center Facilities are the locations for all sales; Lamberton Hall, Ulrich Student Center , and the University Center .

                Door-to-door solicitation for profit in residence facilities is prohibited. Approval for charitable fund-raising must be given by the Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life.

                All fund-raising most provide either a service or a product to the donor. All funds exceeding expenses must be given to the designated charity.

                Advertising of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited and alcoholic beverages may not be offered as awards or prizes. Gift certificates to restaurants, offered as prizes, must have noted that it cannot be used towards alcohol.


Shoplifting and Retail Theft

Shoplifting offenses in the University Bookstore and Dining Services are turned over to criminal justice authorities for adjudication. The University will not handle any shoplifting cases internally. This procedure applies equally to students, faculty and staff as well as non-University people.



The use of skateboards on campus roadways and walks is prohibited.




Stopping Cars on Campus

Stopping cars on campus by pedestrians for purposes of seeking rides or otherwise is prohibited. The campus police are authorized to enforce this regulation and to examine ID cards of offenders, whose names will be transmitted to the Dean of Students Office.


Trash Burning

Students may not burn trash, debris or other combustible material on the campus. Open fires are strictly prohibited.

With limited exceptions (e.g., camp fires for cooking) Pennsylvania law prohibits open fires anywhere in the Allentown , Bethlehem , Easton air basin (25 Pa.Code 129.14).


Tree Cutting

All trees and shrubbery on the campus are University property and may not be trimmed, cut, or removed without prior approval of the Director of Physical Plant.


Unauthorized Computer Use

Unauthorized computer use on Library and Technology Services' computers is defined as:

1.             Any computer usage which violates software licensing agreements or copyright laws.

2.             The use of any computer authorization not assigned to a user for his or her use.

3.             Any attempt to gain access to a computer or network system for other than legitimate, approved purposes.

4.             The abuse of computing resources including, but not limited to, sending mass mailings, chain letters or other harassing memos; obtaining unnecessary output; creating unnecessary multiple jobs or processes; creating unnecessary network traffic; tampering with computing or networking components; and the modification of Library and Technology Services supplied software either manually or through the introduction of additional destructive software.

Each offender will be dealt with on an individual basis, but the offender should expect to be referred to the University Judicial System.


Illegal computer use constitutes a crime under federal and state law and may be prosecuted as such. Pennsylvania imposes severe penalties for unlawful use of computers. For example, it is a felony punishable by a fine of up to $15,000 and imprisonment of up to seven years for any person to access, alter or damage any computer system, network, program or database, or any part thereof, with the intent to interrupt the normal functioning of an organization, or to execute any scheme to obtain any property or services (18 Pa.C.S. 3933(a) (1). Simply obtaining unauthorized access to a computer system or intentionally, and without authorization disclosing a password or other confidential information about a computer system, etc. is a misdemeanor punishable by fine of up to $10,000 and imprisonment of up to five years. Pa.C.S. 3933(a) (2) and (3).

These policies are contained in Library and Technology Services Policies on the Use of Computer Systems and Facilities, available electronically and in print from Library and Technology Services at (610)758-4357 (HELP).



University Center Rules

1.   A reservation must be made with the U. C. Reservation Desk for meeting, dining facilities, and table space usage.             

2.   Animals are not permitted in the building.

3. General posting in the U.C. may be done by bringing a copy to the U.C.  Main Desk for approval.

4.   Any group or organization wishing to hang a banner outside the U. C. must first complete an approval form at the Main Desk. The maximum time a banner will be hung is three days. Only one banner will be hung at a time.

5.   When using space in the building, ALL food must be ordered through the University Food Service Office. (Ext. 84512). No outside food may be brought in.

6.   Any group wishing to serve alcohol at an event must complete a form available at the U. C. Reservation Desk. The sponsoring party must understand that if the event is not conducted in compliance with University policies and procedures, Lehigh's social host liquor law liability insurance coverage may not be effective.

7.   Decorations in U. C. rooms are usually limited to table arrangements. Requests for special decorations or signs must be approved in advance at the Main Desk. Any damage caused as a result will be the financial responsibility of the group or individual.

8.   Special regulations will apply to any group wishing to hold an event that concludes after 12 midnight during the school year.

9.   Any excessive cleaning or repairs required as a result of the event will be the financial responsibility of the reserving organization or individual.

10. For any changes or cancellations pertaining to a U. C. room reservation, you must contact the Reservation Desk. Cancellations for food must be done directly with the Food Service Office.



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