office of student conduct

Student Organization Policies

        I.            Club Recognition Policy

The Lehigh University Student Senate serves as the primary governing body that recognizes clubs and organizations.  In order to be recognized by the Lehigh University Student Senate, clubs must have the following:

1.        A distinct and unique purpose that will in some way further the Lehigh community.

2.        A plan detailing the specific long and short term goals of the club or organization for its involvement and perpetuation on campus.

3.        Completed all requirements of the petition process as stated in the Club and Organization Recognition and Registration Packet.  Information on the complete packet can be found on the Office of Student Activities website,

4.        An Executive Board consisting of at least a President and Treasurer who qualify as two (2) different undergraduate students.

5.        An Advisor who is a full-time member of the faculty or staff of Lehigh University.

The Student Senate may not recognize a club for any of the following reasons:  if the club violates Lehigh University policies, if it is not open to all students on campus, or if there is already a club on campus that encompasses the purpose of the inquiring club.

For information on:

·         Student Senate recognized organizations, please contact the Office of Student Activities at x86670 or

·         Social fraternities and sororities, please contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs at x84157 or

·         Sports clubs, please contact the Club Sports Office at x81703

·         Religious and faith based groups, please contact the Chaplains Office at x83877

·         Alumni groups, please contact the Alumni Association at x83135

For general questions, please contact the Office of Student Activities at x86670 or


      II.            Contest Guidelines (Guidelines for Game Tournaments)

The guidelines listed below are to be followed by all recognized student groups requesting to host an event in a Lehigh University facility.  The University reserves the right to amend or modify the guidelines without notification.

Fees or Buy-Ins

·         A fee cannot be charged to participate in the event.

·         Buy-ins are not permitted!  Money cannot be exchanged in order to participate.


·         Sponsoring group may accept, but not require, donations in the name of a specific charity. If donations are being taken, the sponsoring group should advertise what charity will receive the proceeds.

·         The name of the designated charity must be submitted in advance and verification of payment to the designated charity must be submitted to the Student Center Facilities Center Reservation Desk or Student Activities within 30 days following the event.


·         All prizes must be awarded based solely on skill, talent, or knowledge.  Prizes cannot be monetary. Gift cards are acceptable.

·         Money donated for a designated charity may not be used to purchase prizes.

·         An accurate record must be kept of all donations and verified to match money donated to the designated charity.

·         Alcohol, tobacco or any illegal substance cannot be offered as prizes.

·         Prizes to be given away cannot be offensive in any way.

·         Prizes must be donated or purchased from a University account.  All groups will be required to submit a list of prizes for approval.  The list must be submitted at least one week in advance to the office of Student Center Facilities or Student Activities.

·         The event cannot be advertised off-campus.  Advertising on-campus cannot be done until approval for the event has been given.

·         If money is being collected, Event/Police security may be required and will be up to the discretion of Lehigh Police.

For further information contact the Student Center Facilities Reservation Desk at x84163 or, or Student Activities at x86670 or

   III.            Contract Signing Guidelines

Any time a recognized student club or organization wishes to enter into a contractual agreement with a non-Lehigh entity, the organization must contact the Office of Student Activities at x86670 or  A representative from this office will work with your group to ensure the agreement is following Lehigh University contract and liability protocol.  At no point should the student organization or any of its representatives sign an agreement or contract unless directed by the Office of Student Activities.

    IV.            Copyright Policy

By law, as well as by intent, the pre-recorded videocassettes and DVDs which are available in stores throughout the United States are for home use only, unless you have a license to show them elsewhere.  Rentals or purchases of the home videocassettes and DVDs do not carry with them licenses for non-home showings.  You must have a separate license that specifically authorizes them for non-home viewing before you can legally engage in non-home showings as described in the Federal Copyright Act, Public Law 94-553, Title 17 of the United States Code.

Copyright Public Performance Rights Basic Guidelines for Campus Groups states:

It is illegal to conduct a public viewing of a video program, VHS, DVD, etc. without first obtaining the necessary license for the program.  Without obtaining a license, the public viewing becomes a copyright infringement.  Violators can be prosecuted and held liable for any fines, penalties, court costs, and legal fees which can amount to more than $50,000 in fines per infringement.

·         Section 106:  The Copyright Act grants to the copyright owner the exclusive right, among other, “To perform the copyrighted work publicly.”

·         Section 101:  Home videocassettes/DVDs may be shown without a license, in the home of “a normal circle of family and its social acquaintances” because such showings are not “public.”

·         Section 110.1:  Home videocassettes and DVD may be shown, without a license, in certain narrowly defined “face-to-face teaching activities.”

·         A public performance license must be obtained when using a videotape program in any public or private location where the audience extends beyond the scope of a single family and close friends.  Ownership of an individual VHS, DVD, etc. does not give one the right to show it in a public place; it is for home use only.

·         There are no distinctions between profit and non-profit groups.

·         You are not permitted to rent from a local vendor (i.e. Blockbuster, 48 Hours, etc.) to show the VHS, DVD, etc. in a public area. 

·         Copyright laws apply whether admission is charged or not.

·         The following are examples of public screenings and are illegal unless the public performance rights have been obtained:

o    Residence Hall lounges

o    Dining areas

o    Student Center spaces

o    Common areas and rooms

o    Academic spaces, if not determined to be exempt based on educational broadcasting.


      V.            Fundraising and Solicitation Guidelines

Sales/Fundraising Student Center Facility Locations

·         Sales and fundraisers may take place in designated sales areas on Lehigh University’s campus.

·         Reservation Information:

o    A reservation request must be submitted at least three days prior to the first request date.  This information is listed on the Student Center Facilities website.

o    Once the request has been received, it will be reviewed for approval. 

o    After an event has been approved, an email confirmation will be sent to the requestor.

o    One table will be provided with two chairs, unless otherwise requested.  We ask that the members of your group stay behind the table.

o    Solicitation of building patrons in the hallways or public areas is not permitted.

·         Door-to-door solicitation for profit in residence halls in prohibited.

·         Charitable fundraisers in residence halls will be approved on a case by case basis by the Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life.

·         All fundraiser efforts must provide either a service or a product to the donor.  All funds above expenses must be given to a designated charity, club or organization.

·         Advertising of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

·         Alcoholic beverages may not be offered as awards or prizes.

·         T-shirt sales:  Prior approval for the design must be given by the appropriate office within the Dean of Students prior to ordering or purchasing.

·         Raffles:  Pennsylvania state laws prohibit raffles to be held on campus.

·         Chinese and Silent Auctions are permitted as long as it is for a product.  A list of items available must be submitted to the Student Center Facilities Office or Student Activities Office for approval.

·         The playing of music or video at the fundraising table must be approved in advance by the Student Center Facilities Office.

·         The burning of candles, incense or other materials is prohibited.

·         Posters or banners may be taped to the front, side(s), and/or top of the reserved table.  All items must be removed at the conclusion of each day.

·         The area must remain litter free.  Failure to clean up after an event will result in a minimum clean-up fee of $75.

·         Appropriate conduct at all times is required.  The University reserves the right to cancel any reservation if the University Guidelines are not followed.

·         All student vendors selling approved items on an independent basis must understand that they are selling at their own risk with no recourse from the University.  A fee per table space will also be collected.

·         All outside vendors soliciting goods in the University Center, Lamberton and/or Ulrich Student Center must submit a Certificate of Insurance. This certificate must name the University as an additional insured, show evidence of Comprehensive General Liability coverage of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence. Both Premises and Products Liability coverage must be included and the certificate must contain at least a 30-day cancellation notice to the University. A service fee tied to percentage of sales plus a per table space fee will be collected.


Solicitations represent specific asks or requests for contributions in support of activities or programs.  Solicitations may result in gifts of both cash and non-cash items.  Monetary Donations are when an individual/company makes a monetary donation to a student organization.  Non-cash gifts may be received in the form of merchandise or services.  These are referred to as Gifts-in-Kind.

When a donation occurs, please contact the Office of Student Activities at x86670.  Student activities will work with the student organization to process the gift with University Advancement Services Offices and issue a receipt (for IRS gift purposes) to the individual/company.  Since Advancement Services will be mailing a receipt of acknowledgement for the donation, full name of Donor, mailing address and pertinent contact information is required.  Please note, fundraisers that emphasize receiving goods and/or services for monies are not considered solicitations.

Please note that it is fine to accept an unsolicited gift from a donor.  However, if you wish to actively campaign for funds from sources outside the University, you must coordinate those efforts with the Office of Student Activities, who will work with the University Advancement Services Office.  If the organization fails to do so, the University may be unable to properly acknowledge any resulting donor gifts as tax-deductible contributions.

    VI.            Political Activity

Lehigh University, as an institution of higher education, is committed to freedom of inquiry, the open exchange of ideas, and the open pursuit of knowledge.  While the University’s mission and aims are not political, involvement in the examination and rational debate of issues of public policy furthers the University’s educational mission and serves the public interest by encouraging the University community members’ civic engagement.  Furthermore, while members of the University community have a right, and in fact, an obligation as responsible citizens, to become informed participants in our nation’s democratic processes, it is important to know and adhere to legal requirements arising from the University’s tax exempt status.

As a non-profit institution of higher education that is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, the University is prohibited from “participating in, or intervening in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office.”  This Guide is provided to assist all members of the Lehigh University community to ensure compliance with the University’s tax exempt status during political campaigns.

Checklist:  What to do when a political campaign activity is proposed on-campus:

1.        Consult and comply with all University policies (See Appendix A):

a.        The Policy on Political Activity, which includes policies on:

                                                               i.      Political Activity and the use of the University’s Name

                                                              ii.      Lehigh Political Clubs, Organizations, and Committees, etc.,

                                                            iii.      Use of University Facilities for Political Meetings

b.        The Policy on Political Speakers

c.        The Policy on Guest Speakers

d.        The Policy on Sales and Fund-Raising

2.        Students or student organizations should consult and obtain necessary approvals from Student Affairs.  Contact Matthew Kitchie, Director of Student Activities, at or x86670.  All others please proceed to #3 below.

3.        Consult the General Counsel’s Office and obtain legal advice.

a.        Contacts

                                                               i.      Frank Roth, General Counsel;; x83572

                                                              ii.      Heather Hosfeld, Associate General Counsel;; x83572

b.        Obtain advice on compliance with University (501(c)(3)) federal tax exempt entity and other applicable legal requirements.

c.        Obtain advice and assistance in drafting or review of any necessary contracts.

4.        Consult and obtain necessary approvals from the University Police Department:

a.        Prepare all necessary security arrangements at least seven (7) days prior to the event.

b.        Contact Ed Shupp, University Police Chief at, x84200

c.        Identify who will pay for security.  Lehigh University funds, including funds in a student organization account, may not be used to pay for security.  See items N9 and N11 of the ACE Summary.

5.        Ensure that NO campaign fund-raising is permitted or occurs on University property or through the use of, or with the support of, even partial, of University resources.

6.        If a candidate or speaker has been invited to speak on campus, document in writing with the campus organization and the candidate, speaker, or his/her representative(s) each of the conditions imposed by the University and the understandings reached.

7.        If a student organization is involved in proposing, organizing, or hosting the event, consult with the Faculty or Staff advisor for the student organization.

8.        Obtain the necessary approvals to use University facilities:

a.        University Center:  Carol Hill,; x84160

b.        Athletics facilities:  Greg Schulze,; x84306

c.        All other facilities:  Mary Kay Baker, Director, Conference & Special Housing Services,; x85306

Important Cautionary Notes

1.        Confirm that events claimed to be student-supported are in fact student-supported

2.        No political fundraising

3.        Do not permit political campaign representatives to require “registration” as a condition of attendance

University Policies Related to Political Campaign Activities

These policies are available in Section 7 of the Lehigh Student Handbook online at:

Policy on Political Activity

The university, as an educational institution, is concerned with the pursuit of truth, the development of the intellect, and the acquisition of knowledge.  Its aims are not political.  Political activity on college campuses is wholesome and worthwhile educationally if truth is sought, the intellect is developed and knowledge is acquired.  Hence, the university’s greatest contribution to political activity lies in its ability to stimulate rational debate on the confusing and perplexing issues that face our nation today.

Based upon these principles, the following guidelines delineate political activity for the Lehigh community, pointing out which activities are germane to the university and which are not.

Political Activity and the Use of the University’s Name

While all members of the university community have a right, in fact, an obligation as responsible citizens, to engage in political activity, such efforts should not be done in the name of Lehigh.  Applicable federal law makes it abundantly clear that the university may not “participate in, or intervene in”…political campaigns; further, “no substantial part” of the activities of the university may be directed toward influencing legislation.  (See Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. Hence, both individuals and groups affiliated with Lehigh engaged in political activity are duty-bound to make it clear that they do not speak in behalf of Lehigh.


Lehigh Political Clubs, Organizations, Committees, etc.

The University permits students and faculty to organize voluntary political clubs. These clubs are self-supporting and are permitted to exist insofar as they engage in lawful activities. Indeed, as these organizations provide the opportunity for rational debate of issues on the campus, they are encouraged to flourish. Senate recognized political organizations must follow all Senate Allocations guidelines and the “Student Handbook Fundraising Guidelines” when raising or spending funds. Further, they are obligated to point out to donors that contributions are going to a political club and, therefore, are not tax exempt. Student political groups that are not recognized by Student Senate must also work with the Student Activities office and will need the sponsorship of a recognized club in order to reserve space or host events or other activities on campus.

Use of University Facilities for Political Meetings

Lehigh political clubs may use university facilities and should apply for lecture rooms and meeting rooms in the normal way; through the UC main desk (Ext. 84160) for the University Center and Registrar's Office (Ext. 83200), for lecture rooms in the academic buildings. No rooms in the university will be set aside for political clubs or organizations for their exclusive use on a long-term basis. Groups not affiliated with the university should apply to the Director of Community Relations, (Ext. 83885) for rooms and will be charged for the use of facilities. Non-Lehigh groups will be accommodated only when there is no request for these facilities by Lehigh organizations. In all cases (both Lehigh and non- Lehigh groups), the policy of assigning space will be evenhanded.

Political Speakers

The university encourages students and faculty alike to have the opportunity of hearing speakers of national renown of various ideologies. This evenhanded policy of exposing all major political points of view will be continued. (See Guest Speakers.)

Guest Speakers

The university affirms open inquiry and free discussion as necessary provisions for students’ freedom to learn.  Recognized student organizations are therefore free within the bounds of the law, good order, and the university’s procedural requirements to invite and hear speakers of their own choosing.

With this freedom goes the responsibility to prepare adequately for the event so that it is conducted in a manner appropriate to the academic community.  Thus, there should be opportunity for questions and statements at opposing views and a recognition that any speaker who is a guest of the university is entitled to a courteous hearing, regardless of his or her position.  The sponsors have the responsibility to maintain good order; when good order cannot reasonably be assured an event may be postponed or canceled.

Finally, it shall be made clear to the academic and larger community that sponsorship of guest speakers does not necessarily imply approval or endorsement of the views expressed, either by the sponsoring group or by the university.

The procedures are simple:  (1) notify the Dean of Students Office (UC); (2) make room reservation in the usual manner with the main desk (see Services for Students University Center); (3) release off-campus publicity through the Office of Media Relations, 436 Brodhead Avenue.

Under normal circumstances, the university expects that speakers invited by student organizations are being brought for the academic community, which is defined to include students and faculty of neighboring colleges.  The opening of meetings to the general public involves considerations beyond academic freedom and therefore requires approval through the President’s office.  Application for such approval should be made through the Dean of Students Office.  (See related information in section on Guidelines for Cultural and Social Events.)

Sales and Fund-Raising

1.        Campus-wide or fund-raising projects must be registered and approved by the Dean of Students Office. This can be done by any recognized student club or organization at the U.C. Reservation Desk and by gaining approval from the Office of Student Activities. All forms must be filled out at least three days prior to the requested start date. Prior approval will be needed on all T-shirt sales. The Dean of Students office reserves the right to cancel any sales or fund-raiser if the procedures are not followed.

2.        The University Center, Lamberton and Ulrich Student Center are the locations for all sales. Spaces may be reserved at the Reservation Desk, first floor.

3.        Door-to-door solicitation for profit in residence facilities is prohibited. Approval for charitable fund-raising must be given by the Associate Dean of Students for Residence Life.

4.        All fund-raising efforts must provide either a service or a product to the donor. All funds exceeding expenses must be given to the designated charity.

5.        Advertising of any alcoholic beverages is prohibited and alcoholic beverages may not be offered as awards or prizes for contests.

6.        All student vendors selling approved items on an independent basis must understand that they are selling at their own risk with no recourse from the University. A fee per table space will also be collected.

7.        All outside vendors soliciting goods in the University Center, Lamberton and/or Ulrich Student Center must submit a Certificate of Insurance. This certificate must name the University as an additional insured, show evidence of Comprehensive General Liability coverage of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence. Both Premises and Products Liability coverage must be included and the certificate must contain at least a 30-day cancellation notice to the University. A service fee tied to percentage of sales plus a per table space fee will be collected.


 VII.            General Posting Policy

Posting Notices

·         It is very important to plan your event well in advance and reserve any necessary space/facility needed for the event before you advertise.

·         Design your flyer/poster and make the appropriate number of copies for posting.

Where to post:

·         University Center:  Drop off two copies at the Main Desk, 1st Floor east.  The staff will review the notices and date/stamp the flyer before they are posted on the 2nd floor bulletin board across from the computer kiosks.

·         Ulrich Student Center:  Drop off two copies at the Information Desk, Main Lobby.  The staff will review the notices and stamp/date the flyer before they are posted on the bulletin board across from 401.

·         Residence Halls:  Check with Residential Services at 610-758-3500 for the number of copies needed.  Please bring the flyers/posters to the Office of Residential Services at least 5-7 days prior to your event in order to ensure sufficient time.

·         Greek Houses:  Check with the Office for Fraternity and Sorority Affairs at 610-758-4157 for the number of copies.  Bring the flyer to the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs 5-7 days prior to your event.

·         Outdoor bulletin boards:  You are permitted to post on outdoor bulletin boards.  After your event is over, please remove your notice.

·         Other buildings:  you will need to check with each individual department for their posting policies.

Where not to post

·         Stairwell doors and stairwells:  Stairwells serve as the emergency escape routes out of a building.  Stairwells must remain as free from combustible materials as possible.

·         Trees:  Staples and nails damage our trees.

·         Exterior of buildings, outdoor furniture, steps, outdoor walls and fencing:  The Brickman crew removes any new postings on a daily basis as the pick up trash throughout the campus.

Other types of advertising

Consider non-paper posting by advertising your event on the Events Calendar located on the right hand side of the Lehigh Home page and


VIII.            Social Policy

General Guidelines for the Serving of Alcoholic Beverages at Events

·         Arrangements must be made in advance for the use of a facility to hold an on-campus event.  Most locations may be reserved online through the Campus Facility Reservation website.  Events held in an on-campus location in which there is a Sodexho operated dining location will be required to order food from the Lehigh University Catering Office.

·         Depending on the on-campus location of your event, the event organizer is responsible for obtaining a “Lehigh University Request to Serve Alcoholic Beverages for University Sponsored Events” form from the Student Center Facilities Reservations Desk, Conference Services, Athletics, or Zoellner Arts Center.

·         Persons completing the request must be 21 years of age or older.

·         All alcoholic beverage services require a University approved bartender who will be provided through Lehigh University Dining Services.

·         Alcohol service is limited to two hours.  If wine is to be served with dinner, alcohol service during the reception must be limited to forty-five minutes.

·         Alternative non-alcoholic beverages must be available and hors d’oeuvres or other food must be served.

·         Individuals visibly intoxicated will not be permitted to enter or will be asked to leave.

·         No alcoholic beverages will be served to any person who is under twenty-one (21) years of age or who is visibly intoxicated.  Proof of age will be required.  Please advise your attendees to be prepared to produce appropriate identification.

·         No alcoholic beverages shall be dispensed from kegs or barrels.  When serving wine with dinner, no carafes, decanters, or wine bottles are permitted on the table.  The wait-staff will be responsible for pouring the wine during dinner.

·         Alcoholic beverages can only be served on-campus when the University is the sponsor and social host of the event.  This requires that University funds (charged to a University account) be used to pay for the purchase and serving of alcoholic beverages.  Examples include University sponsored events, such as lectures, dinners, receptions, parties, and picnics, organized by various groups of students, faculty, staff, trustees and alumni volunteers to serve the broader interests of the University.

·         No alcoholic beverages will be sold in any manner, including by use of tickets or donations (except at the Zoellner Arts Center.)

·         Sponsoring Party will need to certify that he/she is aware of the Lehigh University policy and procedures regarding the service of alcoholic beverages at events held on the University campus, and will agree that the event will be registered and conducted in strict compliance with these policies and procedures.

·         All student groups hosting events with alcohol must hire Event Staff (cost to be covered by the host group) through the University Police.  Students must bring a valid driver’s license to the event.

·         Your attention is directed to Pennsylvania Law that prohibits the serving, furnishing, and consumption of alcoholic beverages to or by persons less than 21 years of age.

General Guidelines for Off-Campus Events Involving Alcohol

·         The event must be held at a third-party vendor that has a State of Pennsylvania Liquor License and is able to provide proof of liability insurance.  The responsibility of selling and serving alcoholic beverages shall be assumed by the vendor.  The vendor and/or licensed security agency shall be responsible for checking IDs.

·         All organization members that consume alcoholic beverages must be no less than 21 year of age.

·         Event needs to be approved by the Office of Student activities 30 days in advance.  All contractual agreements with the vendor and/or hosting facility must be approved by student Activities.  No student organization or member of the organization shall sign an agreement unless directed otherwise by the Office of Student activities.

·         Alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased with University or organizational funds.

·         Alcoholic beverages shall be served at a cash bar on a cash-per-drink basis.

·         Alternative non-alcoholic beverages must be available and hors d’oeuvres or other food must be served.

For information pertaining to on-campus events involving Fraternities and Sororities of the Tailgating policy, please refer to the Lehigh University Social Policy,



    IX.            Campus Facility Reservations

Many of the spaces on campus are reserved through the Campus Calendar which you can access by using Internet Explorer, going to the Lehigh Homepage, clicking on the Campus Facility Reservation link which is accessible on the Lehigh homepage, left side under the Resources heading below the Campus Portal log-in, or you may use the link below:,evfilter=222711,ebdviewmode=grid

Once you are in the Campus Calendar, you will have the option to click on any of the tabs along the top of the page.  Click on the Instructions tab to access more detailed instructions to navigate through the site.


·         To check availability, select the proper filter and the date you interested in (please keep in mind that there may be other requests pending.)

·         If the location is available, click on the location and time.

·         If the location is unavailable, choose another date, time, or location.

·         For specific room features and details, click on the location name.

·         Reservation time reflects actual event time only (this does not include the operations set up/take down time.

My Requests

·         If you are not already logged in, the system will prompt you to log in

·         To log into the system, you will need to use your Lehigh username and password.

Scheduling Offices:

·         Classroom requests:  For general questions, or to cancel an event request which was sent to the Registrar’s Office (Classroom Requests), please use

·         Conference Services requests:  For general questions, email  To cancel an event request which was sent to Conference Services, please email,

·         Rauch Business Center requests:  For general questions or to cancel an event request, please use, or call 610-758-3201.

·         Lamberton requests:  For general questions, call 610-758-0028, or email  To make changes to a confirmed event or to cancel an event, send an email to

·         Student Center requests:  For general questions, call 610-758-4163.  To make changes to a confirmed event or to cancel an event scheduled through Student Center Facilities, please send an email to

·         Wilbur Power House requests:  For general questions, to make changes to a confirmed event, or cancel an event, contact Kathy Katcher at 610-758-

      X.            Student Organization Accounts

Each Student Senate recognized club and organization will have access to a University account for all financial transactions that need to be made. Funds provided by Student Senate as well as any monies raised by the organization need to be deposited into this account. At no time should a club or organization open or maintain a non-Lehigh account. This includes, but is not limited to checking, savings or investment accounts with a bank or investment firm. For further information on your club or organizations account please contact the Office of Student Activities at x86670 or



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