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Student Involvement in Activities, Clubs, and Organizations

Student Activities

The social life of students is an important part of their collegiate experience.  Through many organized and other less formal activities, Lehigh students have opportunities to express their opinions and to display their talents.  With over one hundred recognized organizations sponsoring programs, there are many opportunities to enjoy interesting and educational campus events.

Many activities are scheduled throughout the year.  In addition to athletic events, other notable social events are held during  Family Weekend,  Lehigh vs. Lafayette Weekend, Sundaze, and Greek Week.  Many spontaneous events and gatherings enhance the social climate and consciousness of student life. Membership in clubs and organizations also allows students the chance to meet new people, exchange ideas and develop their skills in non-academic areas.  Academic honorary and professional societies are also available for students who would like to pursue educational and career opportunities within an organization.

The Dean of Students Office supports the programs and objectives of the University's recognized clubs and organizations.  Staff is available to help organizations with programmatic needs, meet with students interested in forming new organizations, and develop campus social and cultural events.  For further information on clubs and organizations at Lehigh, please contact the Office of Student Activities in the Ulrich Student Center .  Groups and organizations include academic and honorary societies, academic interest groups, environmental and political interest, language and culture, law and business, media groups, military groups, music, art, theatre, religious affiliated groups, special interest organizations, programming groups, women’s groups and club sports teams.


Coordinating CouncilsGraduate Student Senate (GSS).  The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) serves as the representing body of the graduate student community in all matters pertinent to the graduate programs and graduate student life.  Their mission is to act as a liaison between graduate students and administrative bodies, as well as encourage social interaction and communication among graduate students.  The council is run entirely by students.  The graduate student office is located in Christmas-Saucon.  Meetings are held in the Catacombs, in the basement of the Packer Church . 


Gryphon Society.  The Gryphon Society is a prime leadership organization within the educational and residential framework of Lehigh by enhancing the quality of life within the Residence Halls for all students who live there.


Interfraternity Council.  The IFC is a student led and organized group responsible for the management and promotion of the Greek community.


Panhellenic Council.  Panhel is the governing body for the eight national sororities at Lehigh.


Residence Hall Association.  The Lehigh University Residence Hall Association (RHA) is the chief legislative body of students in the residence halls.  It provides a governmental as well as an informal forum to foster communication between students, staff, faculty, and administration.


Student Senate.  The Student Senate is the governing body over all recognized undergraduate student organizations at Lehigh.  The purpose of the Student Senate is to protect student rights and promote positive change.  Students’ needs are the primary focus of the Senate.


For a list of the many organizations on campus, please refer to the complete club and organization listing published by the Office of Student Activities located in Ulrich Student Center .   To receive a copy of this list, stop by the office or check the website at





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