office of student conduct

Student Senate Statements on Academic Integrity

Lehigh University Undergraduate Student Senate Statement on Academic Integrity

We, the Lehigh University Student Senate, as the standing representative body of all undergraduates, reaffirm the duty and obligation of students to meet and uphold the highest principles and values of personal, moral and ethical conduct. As partners in our educational community, both students and faculty share the responsibility for promoting and helping to ensure an environment of academic integrity. As such, each student is expected to complete all academic course work in accordance to the standards set forth by the faculty and in compliance with the University's Code of Conduct.

Lehigh University Graduate Student Senate Statement on the University's Code of Conduct

We, the representatives of the Lehigh University Graduate Senate, affirm our commitment to an intellectual community in which undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff share an obligation to uphold the highest standards of personal, professional, and academic integrity. In this partnership, we recognize our unique, multifaceted role as students, teaching assistants, research assistants, and graduate assistants. As such, each graduate student has a responsibility to fulfill his or her duties in accordance with the standards set forth by the faculty and in compliance with the University’s Code of Conduct.