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What Every Parent Should Know

We have embraced "parents as partners" in our alcohol prevention efforts at Lehigh. We recognize that parents play a crucial role in guiding their sons or daughters through their life at college. Although it may not always feel like it, research tells us that parents play a major influence in their sons and daughters decisions regarding alcohol use.

Below is a list of links to information and resources that provide support for parents in addressing this issue:

Parents of prospective and first year students: If you are concerned about alcohol related issues, you might also want to refer to the following links to our Counseling Center:

We offer AlcoholEdu for Parents to parents of first year students.

AlcoholEdu for Parents in an online program for parents or guardians of first year students who are taking AlcoholEdu for College. The program is designed to support parental conversations about alcohol that will help shape the decisions students must make in college about alcohol use. Included in this program are tips for talking to college students about alcohol, the impact of alcohol consumption, and fact sheets on alcohol’s effect on the brain is included in this program.

If you need assistance in taking this course, please feel free to contact the Office of Special Projects at 610.758.5181.