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The college years are a time of great personal growth, exploration and development. A key component of that maturation process is learning to accept personal responsibility for your decisions and the consequences that result from them. During your time here at Lehigh, in every social situation you find yourself in, you will have to make decisions about your behavior. At times, that might include decisions about alcohol use.

Your decisions will not only affect you but also those around you.

Our prevention efforts are concentrated on helping you make smart choices, and creating an environment where your alcohol use does not impose risk on yourself or others. We focus on personal and second-hand effects -- or what happens as a result of drinking. We provide a multitude of social activities and ways that you can get involved in our campus community… ways that lead to a fulfilling social life. We also have strong resources to help you or other students concerned about alcohol related issues. As a member of the Lehigh community we all share, it is out hope that when you do chose you will choose wisely.

Madalyn Eadline

Madalyn Eadline


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