office of special projects

Comprehensive Alcohol Prevention (CAP) Efforts

In the last ten years Office of Special Projects has learned a great deal through our A Matter of Degree (AMOD) efforts to address high risk drinking and has produced some positive results; yet there is still much to be done. Lehigh is committed to "stay the course" and continue to address high risk drinking.

Since the end of the AMOD grant, we have grown into a year-round, comprehensive alcohol prevention program (CAP). CAP is a working group made of members of every department within student affairs. CAP members develop a strategic plan annually which allows us to integrate our efforts across the division , meet the prevention needs of our changing campus population and make recommend evidenced based strategies where possible.

CAP efforts begin even before our students arrive for their first year at Lehigh include our AlcoholEdu program, orientation, student peer education groups, substance free housing and the development of a multitude of student clubs, organizations and activities that do not focus on alcohol.

Lehigh continues to take an overall, environmental approach to reducing the harmful effects of excessive drinking and we hope to change the prevailing culture that views college alcohol abuse as a simple rite of passage. We are working to make it more acceptable for students to choose not to drink and to encourage those students who choose to drink to do so in ways that do not poise risk of harm to themselves or others.

As always, we welcome your input and encourage you to get involved in our efforts.