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AlcoholEdu for College

AlcoholEdu, a science-based, results-oriented, interactive learning experience, provides effective student-focused alcohol education in an academic context. AlcoholEdu gives students information they need to make responsible decisions. The multimedia, online instruction format features brief lectures, research data, interactive case studies, and other information presented in a question and answer format. SexualAssaultEdu is seamlessly integrated into AlcoholEdu. It focuses on relationships, communication, and decision-making and covers topics such as important definitions, alcohol’s effect on relationships and the ability to give consent, and the debunking of myths related to sexual assault.

In addition to prevention content, AlcoholEdu also collects aggregate information on students’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors relating to alcohol and how they may change after taking the course. This information helps us shape our first years student prevention efforts.

Every first year student is expected to complete AlcoholEdu!