office of special projects

About CAP

Meta Goal

To foster a healthier and safer living and learning environment by promoting healthy lifestyles and reducing alcohol abuse and its attendant consequences.

Organizational Goals

To create a mechanism within the Student Affair Division that identifies and enhances Lehigh's prevention efforts, creates data driven programs and activities where needed, and provides a common understanding and coordination of alcohol services and programming that are currently in place across the University.

Organizational Structure

Collaboration is the cornerstone in this evolving model for implementing prevention efforts using an environmental approach. Staff members representing different departments will be engaged in a working group to develop and oversee the execution of the strategic plan in their respective areas. The Director of the Office of Special Projects will oversee and coordinate this effort.

Conceptual Framework


Promotion efforts will provide understanding of alcohol related issues, reinforce program objectives, provide clarity to efforts, and engage campus-wide participation.

Program initiatives will be evidence based and produce visible outcomes.

Policy will set expectations, promote responsibility, and shape a positive campus environment.

Efforts will be grounded in the Environmental Approach Model and the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) recommendations. Strategic planning will include both process and programming efforts including identification of current prevention efforts strengths, weaknesses, and needs.

Assessment and Evaluation Tools

Ten years of data from the College Health and Alcohol Survey, four years of data from the AlcoholEdu surveys, campus crime statistics, campus judicial data, and campus alcohol related hospital transports will be used to track behaviors and trends over time.