Property Management / Asset Accounting

Property Management / Asset Accounting
524 Brodhead Avenue
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Telephone: 610.758.3140
Fax: 610.758.5655
Julie Tostevin, Financial Analyst-Property Management
Kelly R. Predmore, Financial Analyst-Asset Accounting

Mission Statement

The Asset Accounting department is responsible for maintaining the current and historical accounting records for the University's Endowment, Annuity and Life Income funds and for the stewardship of the University's fixed assets. In doing so, we endeavor to provide prompt, efficient and professional service to our campus community, donor and external agencies by using the best available technology, by developing efficient processes and by maintaining expertise through professional development.

Staff Contacts

Endowment Funds
Copy of Endowment Agreements

Kelly R. Predmore 610.758.4776

Plant Funds
Expense Reallocations 45xxxx and 7xxxxx

Julie Tostevin 610.758.4550

Physical Inventory

Julie Tostevin
John Gasdaska