Lehigh University OneCard Program

A program jointly administered by the Purchasing, Controller's and Finance & Administration Offices

OneCard Program Overview

OneCard Program Training

Anyone who wishes to take advantage of the OneCard program must go through the training process. To make the process smooth and thorough, a series of informational training videos have been created for you to watch and review. Following viewing the videos, you are required to complete and successfully pass the OneCard Training Quiz. The results of this quiz will be emailed to you and the OneCard program administrators.

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Staff Contacts

OneCard Program General Information inone@lehigh.edu  
OneCard Program Administrator Brenda Bachman bkb204@lehigh.edu 610.758.3266
OneCard Program Administrator Linda Roberts llr1@lehigh.edu 610.758.3841
University Travel Policy Rich Ringhoffer rmr5@lehigh.edu 610.758.4404