OneCard Program Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, in addition to Lehigh University's policy stating the type of products or services you can buy, other controls and limits may be placed on your OneCard including:

  • A monthly dollar limit
  • A single transaction limit
  • "Blocked" merchant categories

The restrictions on your card can be found on your OneCard / CCER Request Form that you submitted, as modified by any subsequent OneCard / CCER Maintenance Request forms.

Please complete a OneCard / CCER Maintenance Request Form, including the signature of your Approver and any supporting materials, and send your request to the OneCard Program Administrator at 516 Brodhead Avenue.

If you are traveling and need a one-time increase to your limit for an unexpected expense, you can contact the OneCard Program Administrator at extension 83266 to request a one-time 20% increase to your limit. Your limit will return to the current limits approved on your Request form after the transaction has posted.

You can check your available credit limit in CCER on-line or call the Wells Fargo Bank Customer Service number on the back of your Card. Remember you will need the last four digits of your Lehigh ID for verification purposes.

Please contact the OneCard Program Administrator and provide the supplier's name, address and phone number. The OneCard Program Administrator will research the issue.

You can view a Cardholder activity statement online listing all the purchases made. This information is for your review only and allows you to review your purchases. You must review the statement in a timely manner, as any disputed or fraudulent transactions must be reported to Wells Fargo Bank Customer Service within the pre-determined time restraints.

Yes – in the CCER system, click the box next to the transaction to select it and then select the red "Split and Reclassify". The next screen will allow you to split the transaction by percentage or dollar amount. For more detail, please refer to the Cardholder Quick Reference Guide on the OneCard website.

You are NOT responsible for the payment of your OneCard bills. Accounts Payable will make one payment to Wells Fargo Bank covering OneCard expenses for all of Lehigh University employees using the Card.

Please refer to the "Disputed or Fraudulent Charges" section of the OneCard Policy and Procedures Manual for complete details. It is extremely important that you address these items immediately.

Yes. Your OneCard has already been activated.

It is extremely important to call Wells Fargo Bank's Customer Service toll-free number (1-800-932-0036) immediately in the event your Card is lost or stolen. You must also notify the OneCard Program Administrator.

Each Card will be embossed with the individual employee's name. The employee is responsible for the proper use of their Card.

Yes, the Card is accepted worldwide. Purchases can be made in any currency and billed in U.S. dollars. The currency, as well as the foreign exchange rate utilized, is stated for each transaction on your statement. Please take note of the phone number for Wells Fargo customer service when traveling abroad: 415-243-1935.

When traveling outside of Pennsylvania, please call Wells Fargo and notify them of where you are traveling and the dates you are traveling. When calling Wells Fargo, you will need the last four digits of your Lehigh ID(LIN) to identify yourself.

You can enter the business purpose for the first item in the series and then copy it down to the other items (please refer to the Cardholder Quick Reference Guide for more information).

If the index is not in the drop down list, then you have not been given authorization (as Financial Manager, Authorized Signer or OneCard User) to charge that index. If the index is new and you believe your should have authorization, contact Susan Szilagyi in the Controller's Office to add that index for your card. Otherwise, if neither you nor your Approver are authorized to charge the index, allow the expense post to your default index and prepare a Banner expense reallocation that can be signed by a Financial Manager or Authorized signer on that index. For additional information about how to reallocate expense, see the General Accounting section of the Controller's Office website.

While all Cardholders are encouraged to anticipate this situation and make alternative arrangements to the extent it is possible, there will be rare situations in which a delay in submitting receipts is inevitable. Please refer to the "Extended Travel" section of the OneCard manual for a listing of alternatives, including a process to submit receipts after you return from your trip.

If the expense is under $75, a receipt is not required under the Travel and Business Expense policy. If a receipt is required, in some situations (such as hotel receipts) you will be able to obtain a copy of the receipt from the merchant. If you cannot obtain a copy of the receipt, please submit a statement, signed by your supervisor, documenting the expense (see the "Lost Receipts" section of the Travel and Business Expense Policy).

There is a 1% cross border transaction fee for international charges and a 2% ATM withdrawal fee.

Out of Pocket Reimbursements

No, you can enter any personal bank account that you prefer.

Obtain the per diem rate for the travel location from the General Services Administration (domestic) or U.S. State Department (international) websites and print the appropriate rate for the time period of travel. Calculate the total per diem reimbursement due taking into account the number of full and partial days of travel. Enter the total per diem reimbursement amount in the "Amount" box, in the "Description" box explain the purpose of the travel, that reimbursement is on a per diem basis, the travel location and number of days of travel. When you submit your receipts for that statement period, include the website printout supporting the rate that you used.

For a complete description of the University policy for submitting per diem reimbursements and website links, please refer to the Travel and Business Expense Policy and Procedures that is posted on the Controller's Office website.

During the Review Period, select "Review Open Statements" from the menu on the left side of the screen, then "Out of Pocket Expenses" and "Add an Expense" so that your reimbursement is processed immediately after the Approval Period. If you enter a reimbursement after clicking "Cycle to Date", the reimbursement will be processed after the Approval Period in the following month.

You will receive a direct deposit reimbursement one to three days following the end of the Approval Period in which they were approved. You will receive an email confirmation of the direct deposit transmission.


Do not approve a statement that is not complete, including all required receipts. If the expenditure is over $75, contact the Cardholder for the missing receipts. The Cardholder, Reconciler, Primary Approver and Secondary Approver all have the ability to scan/fax in the receipts after the statement period has closed.

General Questions

This happens very rarely, what may happen more frequently is that expenses are legitimately approved, but the business purpose documentation does not adequately explain the reason for the expense. The Controller's Office will first take the necessary steps to track down the legitimate reason from the employee for clarification. If the expense was truly unallowable the Cardholder has 30 days to reimburse the University. If the Cardholder does not provide repayment, reimbursement will be processed via payroll deduction. Please also refer to the "Corrective Actions for Policy Violations and Misuse" section in the OneCard Policy and Procedures Manual.

You can contact a Program Administrator in Purchasing Services at extension 83266 for any questions you have regarding limits, usage and other issues. Only a OneCard Program Administrator has the authority to change any existing information or restrictions to a Cardholder's account.

Questions regarding the Travel and Business Expense Policy should be referred to the Controller's Office, the primary contact is the Accounts Payable Supervisor at extension 84404.

You can contact a Program Administrator in Purchasing Services at extension 83266 to reset your password or, if you are calling outside of business hours, call Wells Fargo Customer Service at 1-800-932-0036. There is also a button on the Wells Fargo login screen that allows you to reset your password yourself.

The email address entered in Wells Fargo is designed to block the automated emails that are sent by the Wells Fargo system and to allow us to maintain a more customized and user-friendly email notification system. Therefore, your email in the Wells Fargo system should always remain The phone number that is entered is the Program Administrator's phone number and should remain that way as well.

The billing address is the campus address that was entered in Wells Fargo system and can be viewed by selecting "User Information" and then "Personal Profile" from the menu along the left side of the screen.

That box does not initiate any action within the Wells Fargo system but is a means by which you can track which expenses will require a receipt and indicates to your Approver which expenses will have receipts to be reviewed.

The Statement Reviewed button and option to print the fax cover sheet only appear during the Review Period because you submit them once for the entire statement. If you are in the middle of the statement cycle, you won't see those options. If you have activity in the cycle, you will receive a reminder email when it is time to submit your receipts.

No, students and temporary employees will not be enrolled in the Wells Fargo system and will continue their existing process for reimbursement at the campus branch bank.

When sending your receipts by email, make sure that your email does not include an attached vcard.

We ask that you retain your original receipts for the current plus one prior fiscal year.