CPN Equipment Status

Last Updated: Jan. 12, 2018

Equipment Status Est. Up Date Status Remarks Location
Karl Suss MA-6, BA-6 Aligner UP - - Sinclair
Solitec Spinner UP - - Sinclair
Fisher 200c Convection Oven UP - - Sinclair
Nikon scope with camera UP - - Sinclair
Mission Peak MP 100S UP - - Sinclair
Plasmatherm 790 PECVD UP - - Sinclair
Eddy SC 20 E-beam Evaporator UP - - Sinclair
Technics 800 RIE UP - - Sinclair
MPT 600 UP - - Sinclair
VEECO P-75 MOCVD UP - - Sinclair
Proton Hogen Hydrogen generator UP - - Sinclair
Vector Ultra 3001 Wet Scrubber UP - - Sinclair
Reynolds Tech Developer Wet Bench UP - - Sinclair
Allied Techprep Polisher UP - - Sinclair
Kulicke & Soffa Wire Bonder UP - - Sinclair
Isomet 4000 Precision Saw UP - - Sinclair
Nikon MM – 60 UP - - Sinclair
Apex SLR ICP Etcher UP - - Sinclair
KLA-Tencor D-500 Profiler UP - - Sinclair
Indel E-beam Evaporator UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Denton Vacuum DV-602 Sputter System UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Adixen AMS-100 DRIE UP - ** Repair log below status table Sherman Fairchild
Karl Suss MJB-3 Photoaligner UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Research Devices IR Aligner UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Veeco FPP-100 Four Point Probe UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Centegrade Systems 3" High Temp Furnace UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Thermco 3" Mini Brute Furnace UP - - Sherman Fairchild
National 5831 Photoresist Pre-Bake Oven UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Fisher Isotemp 215 F Bake Oven UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Tempress 602 Wafer Saw UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Nikon Optical Microscope UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Millipore DI Water System UP - - Sherman Fairchild
solid State Equipment Co. PR spin coater UP - - Sherman Fairchild
Technics PE-2A Parallel Plate Plasma LIMITED - Need pump/etcher refurbishing Sherman Fairchild
Equipment Status Est. Up Date Status Remarks Location


01/11/2018: System up, qualifying in progress.

12/27/2017: Band heater works, test etching worked, working on water warning

12/04/2017: has been working on turbo pump band heater repair

11/07/2017: replacement mechanical pump working, system ready for etching testing..

11/01/2017: More tested, replaced mechanical pump cannot pump enough vaccum - more pump trouble-shooting..

10/30/2017: Testing on mechanical pump, pump overheating problem - trouble-shooting..

10/29/2017: Install new mechanical pump, prepare for testing

10/28/2017: Prepare Fomblin oil and facility for new mechanical pump

10/27/2017: Mechanical pump moving done from Sinclair to Sherman-Fairchild

10/26/2017: Arrange pump moving and plan on order of Fomblin pump oil

10/24/2017: Moving one oil pump from Sinclair to Sherman-Fairchild for DRIE

10/22/2017: Check two available oil pumps if can be used for DRIE system

10/21/2017: Uninstall mechanical pump from DRIE system and drain oil

10/20/2017: Mechanical pump cannot pump enough vacuum after running 40-50 minutes, preparing for rebuilt.

10/18/2017: More tests on load lock chamber: possible problem(s) on chamber pressure gauge, throttle valve or mechanical pump

10/17/2017: more test on load lock, twice cooling water line broke, fixed

10/12/2017: More test, load lock vacuum problem found

10/09/2017: One problem in the roughing line with a nitrogen gas ballast found and fixed

10/06/2017: During system testing, mechanical pump roughing problem found

10/03/2017: System water leak found and fixed

09/30/2017: Started to debug system

09/29/2017: Turbo pump installed

09/28/2017: DRIE system is ready to install turbo pump

09/14/2017: Turbo pump received, CPN staff has been preparing on installing it back to system

09/08/2017: Turbo pump repair is done and waiting for shipping back

09/08/2017: Mechanical pump and oil filtration system have been repaired and tested by CPN staff in July and August 2017