Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics

Lehigh's Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics (CPN) is a multi-disciplinary center for research and educationthat seeks to advance the science and application of photonics and nanoelectronics technologies, foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and synergy, and pursue broad integrative research center activities and funding.

CPN combines the strengths and diverse expertise of faculty members from multiple departments, and cross-institutional partnerships are promoted to enhance scientific discovery and innovation. The Center is in the process of becoming a fully-sanctioned University research center, absorbing all facilities and operations of Lehigh's Center for Optical Technologies as well as its Sherman Fairchild Center for Solid-State Studies.

The broad spectrum of CPN research activities in photonics and nanoelectronics spans the range from fundamental research in novel materials and platforms, to device simulation, fabrication and characterization, and system-level investigations, particularly as they support University initiatives in health, energy, environment, and infrastructure.

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