Pregnancy & Childbirth Study


Eligibility: To participate in this study, we ask that you are at least 18 years old and currently pregnant.

Interested? To learn more about this study or to volunteer to participate, please contact

Researchers at Lehigh University are conducting a research study investigating the experience of stress during pregnancy and the early postpartum period, and the various ways that women cope with this stress.

The changes that occur during pregnancy and after the birth can be highly unpredictable and give rise to feelings of anxiety and stress. Some new mothers experience a very intense sense of sadness and helplessness after giving birth known as postpartum depression.

Depression poses a serious threat to the development of the mother-child bond and can inhibit the child’s intellectual and emotional development. Although the factors that give rise to postpartum depression are not fully understood, research suggests that the supportiveness of a woman’s close family and friends can help reduce the risk for postpartum depression.

Participation in this study involves completing a series of questionnaires and briefly recording your thoughts and feelings about the pregnancy and child-rearing experience. Participation in this study begins in the 6th month of pregnancy and continues until approximately 6 weeks postpartum. Each participant will receive up to $75 in compensation in the form of gift cards to local baby products retailers.

Your participation in the study will contribute to a better understanding of postpartum depression and inform efforts to combat this potentially devastating disorder.

This study is being conducted by Christopher T. Burke, Ph.D. and Christine Perndorfer through the Lehigh University Department of Psychology.