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STEP 1: ATTEND A Get Started Session

The first step for every student is to attend one of these sessions. Get Started Sessions are held in Lamberton Hall, Hawk's Nest daily at 4 pm

  • Sessions last approximately 30 minutes



  • Think about what kind of international study program will help you achieve your academic, personal, and/or professional goals. What skills do you want to develop?  In what ways do you want to be different when you return?

  • Meet with your academic advisor to map out your future course schedule and determine which courses you should take abroad.  Make a list of any courses you must take abroad to stay on track for graduation.

  • Exploreyour program options online by searching geographically or by academic discipline.  Things to consider: courses offered, housing choices, excursions, support services, expenses, program dates.

  • After researching your program options, schedule an individual advising session with a Study Abroad Advisor.  Be prepared to articulate your academic needs, skills you wish to develop, and other goals you may have for international study.  We will work with you to identify a quality program that fits your goals.


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Nicole Hannon - Study Abroad Seville, Spain-Spring 2009

"Studying abroad in Seville, Spain in the Spring of 2009 has been without a doubt one of the greatest, most fulfilling experiences of my life."

—Nicole Hannon
Seville, Spain

Spring 2009
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