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You’re going abroad!! The next months of preparations will be busy and exciting.  Amongst all of the planning and packing, it will be important to continue focusing on your goals and reasons for going abroad in the first place. Take time to research the region/country you are traveling to, evaluate your goals, and prepare so that you can get the most out of this experience.

Steps to complete.

  1. MANDATORY PRE-DEPARTURE MEETING and complete the online portion of course-site (watch videos, take quiz, and reveiw all materials)

  2. Review all materials you receive from your program provider/host institution in a timely manner and pay attention to deadlines! Check that emails from the program provider/host institution are not going into your SPAM box.

  3. Begin reviewing the pre-departure checklist and completing steps as soon as you hand in your application.

  4. The following items are due to the Study Abroad office by December 1st for spring abroad students and May 1st for fall abroad students:
  5. Register with International SOS
    Directions on how to register are available in your Study Abroad course-site.


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