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Lehigh Study Abroad offers over 200 programs worldwide.  Programs occur throughout the year: fall, winter, spring, spring-break and summer. 

Use this page to browse program offerings by term and geographical location, subject area, and internships. Review the different types of program offerings defined below as you begin your research.

Students have the option to study on an exchange program, direct enroll program or a affiliate program.

Students have the option to study on a Lehigh-Led program or a Lehigh Partner program.

Engineering, Business, Science, Humanities & Social Science

Internship programs


These programs are administered entirely by Lehigh faculty and/or staff members and the Study Abroad Office. The majority of programs participants are Lehigh undergraduate students. The program leader administers and organizes these programs, offered during winter break, spring break, and summer term. There are no semester-long Lehigh-Led programs.

There are currently three types of partner programs: LVAIC, Exchange Partner Programs, London Summer Internship. Billing and credit transfer policies vary by program.

Lehigh holds agreements with several exchange schools around the world.  Exchange programs are essentially direct enroll programs and students enroll at the exchange university as an international exchange student.  Lehigh offers $2,000.00 non-competitive travel grants to students who attend one of our exchange schools for a semester or year program.  Reduced grants available for students attending an exchange school summer program.  Click here fora list of exchange schools and scholarship details.  

Study Abroad Affiliate Programs are American based non-profit organizations (sometimes housed at a US University) that coordinate applications, on-site orientations,on-site excursions, and often have their own in-country staff. Students apply to the U.S. Affiliate Program and the affiliate sends the application materials to the university of choice. When choosing to study abroad through a Affiliate Program, the student's main contact is affiliate located in the USA and not the overseas university. Students or parents can contact the Affiliate office here in the states at any point during study abroad process.

Programs vary in the level of immersion and integration, language instruction, and more. Students should consider which type of program will meet their goals and personal preference. There are 3 main categories of programs:

Island Study Abroad Programs
Island programs refer to programs designed for American students who want to study in a non-English speaking country, but want or need to take their coursework primarily in English. Classes often consist of other American students; housing is often integrated to offer cultural immersion; many programs require you to take a language course.

Direct Enroll Study Abroad Programs
Students attend a university abroad, are enrolled as an international student, and take class on campus with local students. Housing is often on camus with local students. Direct enroll programs may or may not be hosted by a Study Abroad Affiliate Program. All exchange programs are offered at universities abroad and act as direct enroll programs.

Hybrid/Mixed Programs
Many programs are a mix of island and direct enroll, allowing students to take a mixture of courses with their American counterparts and local students, as well as having some coursework in English and some in the native language. Students can find a program that has a balance to match their language level, goals, and allows for a maximum amount of immersion and integration.


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