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Lehigh University Study Abroad: Students Petitioning

Students who do not meet all requirements to study abroad must fill out a petition.  There are three types of petitions and students should visit this web page to further understand the process involved.  All students needing to petition should attend a petition information session and then meet with the Director of Study Abroad to begin the petition process.

Three reasons why students may have to petition are:

GPA and Disciplinary petitions will be reviewed by the Committee on the Standing of Students (SOS) while Program petitions will be reviewed by the Study Abroad Faculty Policy Board.


Academic Standing Petition - Form (GPA) and meeting dates

This petition is for students wishing to study abroad who do not meet the GPA requirements to do so.  GPA requirements depend on the type of study abroad program and failure to petition will result in the student not being able to participate.

Summer/Winter Lehigh faculty-led programs 
Student participation is dependant on being in good standing based on a cumulative GPA average.  GPA requirements to be considered in good standing are dependant on the student's academic year.  Freshmen must maintain a 1.70, sophomores must maintain a 1.80 and juniors and seniors must keep a 2.00.  Failure to do so will put the student on probation and the student will need to petition to participate in summer/ winter Lehigh faculty-led programs.  Petitions will be sent to Committee on the Standing of Students (SOS).

Semester/Year programs study abroad
Student participation is dependant on a GPA of at least 2.7. This GPA may be calculated by one of two ways:

  1. Cumulative GPA (all coursework completed at Lehigh).
  2. Average GPA of the two REGULAR (fall or spring) semesters prior to applying to study abroad.

Failure to maintain an equal or greater than 2.7 GPA by both methods of calculation will require a petition by the student, to the Committee on the Standing of Students (SOS).


Disciplinary Petition - Form and meeting dates

Students' behavior reflects on Lehigh University.  All students' disciplinary histories are reviewed prior to approval to study abroad, and those whose records indicate a history of inappropriate conduct should expect to have their cases reviewed in depth by the Dean of Students office and the Study Abroad office.  Such records will be considered in the final decision about whether a student may study abroad.  Those students who are in good standing, but have a history of misconduct may or may not have to complete a petition.  Students with a recent history of inappropriate conduct, that is, those who are in bad standing will be required to complete a petition.

Students with a history of misconduct will have to meet with the Director of Study Abroad to determine whether or not a petition to study abroad will be necessary. 

This is a two-step process:

  1. Students should be prepared to explain their disciplinary history and demonstrate a clear understanding of Lehigh University 's approach to conduct abroad to the Director of Study Abroad, the Student Affairs Staff, the student's parents through conference call, and/or any other faculty deemed appropriate.
  1. Upon careful review, the Director of Study Abroad along with the Dean of Students will come to a conclusion and inform the student.  The student's application to study abroad will either be approved, and no petition will be required, or the student will be referred to S.O.S. for petitioning, regardless of whether you meet other requirements of Lehigh and your intended study abroad program.




Program Petition Form

Faculty Evaluation Form in word format

If you determine that no approved semester/yearlong programs meet your needs, you may submit a petition to the Study Abroad Faculty Policy Board.  Students should be prepared to explain why they feel a similar Lehigh program would be unsuitable.  Accepted petitions will be valid for the student in question on a one-time basis only.

Contact the study abroad office for information on meeting dates and deadlines to submit your petition paper work.




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