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Belgium 25th Anniversary


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Thursday, May 14th (Depart USA) - Friday, June 12th, 2015

PLEASE NOTE: All program participants should arrive in Leuven, Belgium by no later than 10 AM on Friday, May 15th. Program Accommodations begin on May 15th.


IN THE NEWS! - Lehigh Concert Performs Belgium SU '15 Student's Piece!

IN THE NEWS! - 3 LU Women's Soccer Athletes Spend Summer in Blegium!

3 Women's Soccer Athletes Spend Summer 2014 in Belgium


Grand Plaza, Brussels

Summer 2015 Belgium Program Brochure (coming soon)

Summer 2015 Belgium Flyer



Professor Jim Maskulka

Professor Jim Maskulka

Associate Professor, Marketing



Professor Paul Salerni

Professor Paul Salerni
Professor, Music



* A limited number of $500-$1,500 need-based scholarships are also available. Applications will be evaluated according to a student's financial need and an essay describing the possible significance of this experience to their academic and professional development. 2015 Deadlines are posted on the 2014/15 Travel Grant Application.

$6,100* (tentative) (undergraduate fee) - This includes tuition for two courses (six credits), double-occupancy housing for the nights of May 15-June 11, 2015, and a 4-day meal plan. The program cost also includes the use of the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe facilities, field trips and group activities.  Not included are roundtrip airfare, meals outside the meal plan, laundry, local travel, personal expenditures or any other costs, such as extra nights lodging and meals due to unforeseen events.

* Housing costs are reasonable estimates at this time.  Final billing will reflect any changes in cost. An additional $350 fee will be assessed for students enrolling in MKT 360 – 10 - Marketing Practicum  to help defray the costs associated with student placement in Belgium.



This successful program, offered for the twenty-fifth anniversary year, is located in the heart of the European Union.  Professors Jim Maskulka, Lehigh Department of Marketing, and Paul Salerni, Lehigh Department of Music, have designed courses to take advantage of Belgium’s unique and pivotal role in the political, economic, and cultural development of modern Europe.  In addition, the proximity to Brussels, the capital of an expanding European Union, enables the student to experience first-hand insights from members of the European Parliament as well as the rich artistic offerings of a major international city.  Students taking marketing and music courses concurrently are able to get a broad perspective on the economic and cultural life of contemporary Europe.  On the one hand, many Europeans want to retain their traditional national identities and membership in separate nation-states.  Yet, they also know the conflicts this has produced in the past and they recognize that fundamental economic change is necessary if they are to realize a better future. They embrace their own cultures, but, also, look outward to their neighbors and allies for new ideas and inspirations. Classes are held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  On Wednesday, field-trips occur, and students have the opportunity for independent travel on weekends.

The city of Leuven, Belgium, with a population of about 90,000 boasts a prestigious university that dates from the Middle Ages and a magnificent late Gothic city hall.  Major industries are brewing, metal working, shoe manufacturing, and electrical apparatus.  Situated in the center of Belgium, you can reach the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, or France in about 1 1/2 hours by train.  You can also travel to the North Sea coast in the same amount of time and cross into England by Hovercraft or you may use the “Chunnel” which will take you from Brussels to London in 3 1/4 hours.  Paris lies nearby, too, within 1 1/2 hours on the TGV.

The four-week program is held at the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe (a.k.a. the "Irish College" in Leuven, Belgium) located in the center of Leuven.  This facility provides the group’s living accommodations, classrooms, and dining room, among other support services.


Students will depart on Thursday, May 14, 2015 (arriving in Belgium on Friday, May 15th) and return on Friday, June 12, 2015.  Students will be responsible to make and pay for their own travel arrangements. We will notify students of the professors’ travel plans and highly recommend they make their travel plans to correspond with the professors.

Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe

Students will be accommodated in double occupancy rooms at the Irish College in Leuven, Belgium. To provide maximum flexibility, the program fee includes a four-day meal plan (Sunday evening through Thursday lunch) at the Irish College.  Other meals are the student’s responsibility.


Summer 2015 Belgium Schedule COMING SOON!




Music 12-10.  A Survey of Jazz History (3) Salerni.
The history of jazz starting from its roots in the blues and following chronologically from ragtime through the emergence of jazz-rock in the 1970s. The course is designed for both students with and without musical training. Although the emphasis is
on the evolution of the various jazz styles and the distinctive quality of jazz's greatest practitioners, some attention will be
paid to the historical and social context surrounding the birth and development of jazz. We will take advantage of the lively
jazz scene in Belgium for regular trips to jazz clubs and concerts, and, also, discuss how Europe accepts and celebrates jazz
and its artists. No prerequisite. (HU)

Please note: Students registered for Music 12-10 planning to do any independent travel on the weekend of May 23 - May 25, may NOT make plans to depart Leuven until the morning of Saturday, May 24, due to the Brussels Jazz Marathon.

Music 254. Composition II (4). Salerni.
Prerequisite: MUS 253. (HU)

Music 291. Independent Study in Music (2-3). Salerni.
This course can be taken by students with varying degrees of musical training. The focus of the course will be the classical music we will hear at live concerts in Belgium. These pieces will be studied in terms of their basic construction, their place in history, their style, and their significance in the artistic life of their composers. (HU)

Marketing 320-10.  Global Marketing (3) Maskulka.
The emergence of the European Union (EU) as the world’s largest internal market has created significant business opportunities and threats for companies operating both within and outside the EU.  While there are many business factors
to consider, it is believed that designing effective marketing strategies will be especially critical to competitive success in the European Union.  Officials from the European Commission are scheduled as guest speakers.  Prerequisites are MKT 111 and Instructor Permission.

Marketing 371-10.  Special Topics in European Marketing (3) Maskulka.  
This course is designed to provide the interested business student with a more in-depth study of European marketing systems through the pedagogy of a term project.  The class format is the group preparation and presentation of Marketing Plan for entering a foreign market.  Prerequisites are MKT 111 and concurrent enrollment in MKT 320-10.

** Marketing 372-10.  Global Marketing Internship (3) Maskulka.  
The marketing practicum combines formal class work on marketing problem formulation and business communications with an intensive internship or consulting engagement with a business. Students work with client firms to develop individual or team projects which focus on marketing activities such as market research, strategy development, sales management, and promotion management. Upon completion of the project, students submit a written report and often make a formal presentation to the clients. Prerequisites are MKT 111 , MKT 311, and/or MKT 312.  Professor Permission Required.

(1) ** An up-to-date resume/CV is required to be submitted with registration for the Marketing Practicum course**
(2)** If pre-approved for an internship,  a personal interview(s) with each intern will be conducted by Professor Maskulka before final acceptance is granted for the Marketing Practicum course.(3)** The student's intent to participate in an internship must be made by December 13, 2013.


Students enrolling in the program are required to register for 6 credits and to take at least one lecture course from either Marketing or Music.  Hence, students may select (1) two marketing courses; (one of which must be a lecture course) or (2) one music and one marketing course or (3) the two music courses.



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