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Lehigh University Study Abroad: Internships

The opportunity to engage in a global experience is one of the great opportunities available to undergraduate students, and an international internship is one of the many opportunities you have to enhance your resume, grow intellectually and personally, and see the world.  You should consult with your academic advisor and our staff who will work with you to define academic and professional goals, and identify an internship which will help you realize those goals.

The Study Abroad Office has opportunities available in any major, at any time of year, and with the specifications you may seek, such as:

  • Credit bearing internships
  • Non-credit bearing internships
  • Internships that combine academic study and work
  • Experiential internships that focus on cultural immersion
  • Service-learning
  • Summer
  • Semester
  • By field and major
  • By geographic location
  • By duration
  • By work load/hours

Lehigh has organized its internship opportunities as follows:

Planning is the key to getting yourself abroad on an internship, so begin that plan today by attending a get started session.




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