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Lehigh University Study Abroad: Policies-Credit Transfers-Lu Faculty Led

A non-refundable $50.00 Lehigh University Study Abroad Office application fee will be charged to any student who submits an application. This fee will be charged directly to the student’s Bursar account.

Students studying abroad for a semester remain fully enrolled at Lehigh.  All students who intend to receive study abroad credit toward a Lehigh degree must pay Lehigh tuition each semester abroad (2012-13: $20,960). The tuition payment assures that students transfer academic credit, receive their designated financial aid, maintain their Lehigh student status for insurance and financial purposes, and benefit from mailing and services normally provided to enrolled students by the University.

Room and board charges are not paid to Lehigh, but rather to the program/university a student attends.  Students will receive a bill directly from the program/university and the bill must be paid on schedule by the student.  Students receiving financial aid towards their room and board costs will receive funds from Lehigh University Bursar’s Office in the form of a check 10 days after classes begin at Lehigh.

Students are responsible for all program fee costs.  Program fees usually include orientation events, group airfare, transportation, study tours, athletic fees, laboratory or studio fees, non-credit bearing courses, security deposits, health insurance, etc.  Lehigh does not cover these fees as they are not part of tuition.  Students will receive a bill from the program/university for any program fees the program charges.  Note that some programs include room and board in their program fee and direct enroll programs do not usually charge a program fee.

Students are responsible for additional costs expenses not included in the program fee or tuition.  This may include living costs, excursions while abroad, personal travel, books, and personal expenses. Please contact individual programs/universities regarding fees living cost estimates.

Lehigh pays for tuition. Students are responsible to all non-tuition costs.  If students  should be charged by the program for tuition, please contact the Study Abroad office and send a copy of the invoice to our attention immediately.

Any deposit required by the program/university must be paid on schedule by the student.  Once accepting an offer to a program and making a program deposit, students are responsible for any non-refundable funds paid by Lehigh.

All financial aid (grants, loans, scholarships) travels with students.  The same aid available to students on campus is available for a semester abroad.  Any students with work study funding should contact the Financial Aid Office at Lehigh to discuss alternatives.  Students receiving financial aid towards their room and board costs will receive funds from the Lehigh University Bursar’s Office in the form of a check 10 days after classes begin at Lehigh.  Students may qualify for additional funding; please review funding options on our scholarship page (link to scholarship page).

Invoices will be sent by the Bursar at the regular billing period prior to the semester abroad. At that time, financial aid and other fees will be figured into the invoice. Students must be properly registered for their abroad program in Lehigh’s system by the Lehigh registration deadline or a late fee will be charged to their Bursar account.

Students are liable for any costs incurred by withdrawal from a Study Abroad program. Lehigh will adhere to the policy of the U.S. or overseas sponsor, and students are advised to consult individual program materials for details.




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