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Study Abroad Credit Transfer for Semester


  • Students will only receive credit for programs that have been approved by the Lehigh Abroad Faculty Policy Board.  Approved programs are listed here and in some cases students may petition to have an alternate program approved.

  • Courses to be taken abroad must be approved before students leave campus.  Students must complete and submit the Application for Course Approval form to the Study Abroad Office.  Students complete this form by obtaining approval for each individual course from the appropriate academic department at Lehigh, and signatures must be received from the appropriate Department Chairs and your academic advisor.

  • Once abroad, if you enroll in a course that is not listed on your Application for Course Approval, you must obtain approval for the course via e-mail while abroad following these guidelines.

  • Students must register for a minimum of 12 Lehigh credits per semester (and register with fulltime status as prescribed by the host institution).  Students may register for a maximum of 16 Lehigh credits per semester abroad.

  • Students must earn a minimum grade of “C” (or the local equivalent) in each class abroad in order for the credit to be transferred to your Lehigh transcript.  Credits bearing a “C-“grade or lower will not transfer. 

  • Students cannot repeat a course that has substantially the same content as a course already taken at Lehigh.
  • Study abroad courses may not be used to delete a prior “D” or “F” from a student’s cumulative GPA at Lehigh.

  • For each course taken abroad, the credit hours and the Lehigh equivalent course title (as listed on the Application for Course Approval) will appear on your Lehigh transcript.

  • Although the credits will transfer back to your Lehigh degree, no grades will transfer, your GPA will not be affected, and grades will not be posted to your Lehigh transcript.  Note that you will receive a host institution transcript listing your grades and courses; graduate schools or employers will request these original transcripts listing grades during an application process.

  • Students must take all courses abroad for a letter grade.  Pass/fail courses will NOT be accepted for Lehigh credit.
  • Each student is responsible for requesting an official transcript be sent to the Lehigh University Study Abroad Office from the host institution/program after completion of the term(s) abroad.

  • Final approval of credit hours is made by the Lehigh University Registrar after receipt of a final transcript.


All students sign the Study Abroad Credit Issues form at the mandatory pre-departure meeting.




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