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Lehigh University Study Abroad: Course Approval While Abroad

All students must turn in a course approval form before leaving campus.  We suggest getting more classes approved before leaving campus than you will actually take abroad so that you have some flexibility during registration when you arrive abroad.  If there are any changes to your courses when you arrive abroad, you must obtain approval for the course via email.  Please keep in mind the time difference and the fact that obtaining course approval from abroad may take a few days. Please use these guidelines to obtain credit from abroad.

  • Be attentive to detail, persistent, and polite in order to get courses approved via distance.

  • A list of department chairs is available here, under 'other forms and links / Department Chair Contact list'.

  • If a course falls outside of our regular department headings, email the departments you think would be a good fit.  When emailing all possible contacts, make it apparent that you are sending request to multiple departments and inform all that you are not sure where this course may fall.

  • Send the contact person any (preferably all) of the following:
    • Brief information on who you are, where you are studying (include program and possibly the program/university web site link)
    • Course title and description
    • Course Syllabus
    • Textbook info
    • Any additional info you may have
  • Request approval to take the course (for your major, minor, etc.)

  • Request the number of Lehigh credits you would like for the course plus the course title and number of the Lehigh class which would replace the course from abroad.

  • If approved MAKE CERTAIN you send a copy of the final email approval to the Study Abroad Office at studyabroad@lehigh.edu.
    Sample Email shown below.

  • You must repeat this procedure for each individual course for which you need approval.
Sample Email




Office Of International Affairs