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Lehigh University Study Abroad: About Us

The Study Abroad Office works to provide international experiences for all undergraduate students. With over 200 program options in more than 60 countries, there is a program to fit every major, schedule, and interest area.  All programs are credit bearing and count towards a student’s Lehigh degree.  The Lehigh Abroad Faculty Policy Board, consisting of faculty representatives from each College, approves the programs in which Lehigh students may enroll for Lehigh credit.  Programs are offered for students of all majors, freshman through senior year.

Enhancing a Lehigh education with an international experience will help students to:

  • Build a resume
  • Develop valuable career skils
  • Gain a competitive advatage and disguish themselves from peers
  • Provide great talking points during interviews
  • Travel and experience something new and different
  • Learn or perfect a 2nd or 3rd language
  • Develop sophisticated perspectives on global economies, and social & political issues.
  • See the theoretical come to life in a real world context
  • Gain independence and responsibility
  • Engage with people and cultures different from your own




Office Of International Affairs