CHOICES In the News

Read about girls who've participated in CHOICES:

CHOICES featured on WFMZ, Express-Times
Lehigh University's Summer CHOICES camp took the spotlight this week as WFMZ-TV and The Express-Times featured the annual program both in broadcast and print.

The Girls' guide to engineering
In CHOICES, middle school students try out a range of creative possibilities

Excitement through experiments
Area girls build interest in engineeing through annual Spring CHOICES competition

CHOICES: Promoting interest in science, math, and engineering among middle school girls
Sixty middle school girls from across the Lehigh Valley area discovered the joy of buzzing burglar alarms, using nitrogen to make ice-cream, and making a chocolate composites while learning about science and engineering.

New NASA collaboration highlights CHOICES camp
A week long experience of building Rube Goldberg © machines, building bridges and collaborating with NASA's SISTER program.

Girls discover CHOICES for careers in engineering
Even snow couldn’t throw a wet blanket on a day of fun and learning for local middle school girls.

Chocolate and Gumdrops Help Bridge Gender Gap in Engineering
Bridges built bridges out of gumdrops and linguini, asphalt made from chocolate and oats, devices from orange juice cartons, and lots more!

Snow Can't Dull Girls Interest in Engineering
Snowstorm did not cut short the annual CHOICES program. The local middle schools were still inspired to learn more about career opportunities in engineering and had an amazing experience!

An egg-citing day for CHOICES students
Students worked together on fun and creative projects such as edible asphalt cookies, homemade funny putty and a egg drop project and had a exciting day with Lehigh's engineers who belong to SWE (Society of Women Engineers).

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