Zero Inventory:
A Just-In-Time Inventory Control term where emphasis is placed on reducing inventory to minimal levels to reduce costs and promote organizational effectiveness.
Zone Jumping:
See: Zone Skipping
Zone of Rate Flexibility:
Railroads are permitted to raise rates by a percentage increase in the railroad cost index determined by the ICC; rates may be raised by 6% per year through 1984 and 4% thereafter.
Zone of Rate Freedom:
Motor carriers are permitted to raise or lower rates by 10% in one year without ICC interference; if the rate change is within the zone of freedom, the rate is presumed to be reasonable.
Zone of Reasonableness:
A zone or limit within which air carriers are permitted to change rates without regulatory scrutiny; if the rate change is within the zone, the new rate is presumed to be reasonable.
Zone Picking:
A method of picking orders where a warehouse is divided into several pick zones with order pickers assigned to a specific zone and only picking the items in that zone, orders are moved from one zone to the next (usually on conveyor systems) as they are picked (also known as "pick-and-pass"). Also see: Batch Picking, Wave Picking
Zone Price:
The constant price of a product at all geographic locations within the zone.
Zone Skipping:
For shipments via the US Postal Service, depositing mail at a facility one or more zones closer to the destination. This option would benefit customers operating in close proximity to a zone border or shipping sufficient volumes to offset additional transportation costs. Can also be used with UPS/FedEx but these companies tend to work with carried to do a truckload shipment into a zone and use UPS to do the last mile delivery, reduced lead time and cost.