Student Research Poster Sessions

Approximately once per year, the CVCR symposium features a Student Research Poster Session. These sessions give students an opportunity to showcase their recent research and to receive feedback from supply chain practitioners. They give symposium attendees an early look at the exciting supply chain research being performed by Lehigh students.

Some of the research represented in the Student Research Poster Sessions is related to CVCR research projects, while other research is part of the students’ Ph.D. dissertations, Master’s theses, or coursework.

Through the generous support of our corporate sponsors, each poster session is also a competition, with symposium attendees voting for the best poster, and the winning students receiving cash prizes.

Student Research Poster Archive

Spring 2010 Symposium

(Competition sponsored by Majestic Reality)

Presenter Title Prize
Graczyk, Jeffrey Establishing a Cycle Count Process in a Pilot Plant Facility
He, Lin Duo Sourcing in an Inventory System with Disruptions
Kawas, Ban Risk-Return Tradeoffs in Log-Robust Portfolio Management
Lai, Phoebe Robust Power Generation Planning Under Demand Uncertainty Honorable Mention
Parra, Marcela Determining Stocking Levels in a Two-Echelon Distribution Network
Pornsing, Choosak A Finite-Horizon Inventory Problem with Deterministic, Dynamic Demand and Stochastic Supply Disruptions
Seyhan, Tolga Facility Location Under Competition and Uncertainty 2nd Place
Whipple, Vykie Pay for MBA School with Better Logistics Management 1st Place

Spring 2009 Symposium

(Competition sponsored by Colgate-Palmolive)

Presenter Title Prize
Zeliha Akca A Network Optimization Model for a Candy Supply Chain 1st Place
Zeliha Akca A Branch, Cut and Price Algorithm for Integrated Location, Routing and Scheduling Problems
Mehmet Atan Multi-Generation Product Transitions in the High-Tech Industry 2nd Place (tie)
Zumbul Bulut Disruptions in One-Warehouse Multiple-Retailer Systems
Gaurav Galati Why Care about Location-Routing Problem? 2nd Place (tie)
Ban Kawas Log-Robust Portfolio Management
Cagri Latifoglu COR@L Lab at Lehigh University 2nd Place (tie)
Camilo Mancilla Operation Room Scheduling Management
Alper Uygur Decomposition of Large Scale Man-Power Planning Problems with Column Generation 2nd Place (tie)