On-Site Seminars

CVCR faculty conduct seminars on-site at companies’ locations. Seminars may be customized to fit the size, expertise, and interests of the audience.

Selection of possible topics:

  • Creating the lean supply chain
  • Supply chain cost management techniques
  • Managing inventory investment effectively
  • Global sourcing for competitive advantage
  • The seven deadly supply chain wastes
  • Collaborative transportation management
  • Global supply chain challenges and opportunities
  • Multi-echelon inventory management
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Supply chain contracting/cooperation/coordination
  • Facility location and supply chain network design
  • Product portfolio selection: Forecast processing and optimal decision making
  • Discrete optimization/integer programming
  • Multicriteria optimization
  • Decomposition algorithms/large-scale optimization
  • High performance/grid/parallel computing
  • Vehicle routing
  • Revenue management under demand uncertainty (incl. pricing, resource allocation, demand volatility, robust optimization)
  • Semiconductor capacity planning with uncertain demand
  • Demand forecasting models for short-life-cycle products

CVCR member companies receive discounted pricing.

For more information, or to schedule seminars, please contact us.