What is a Ropes Challenge Course?
A Ropes Challenge Course is a series of outdoor elements made up of trees, wires, poles, and other equipment designed to create unique and challenging problem solving scenarios.  Teams work together to negotiate the elements and successfully meet the challenges presented.  Intentional learning focused on concepts such as team dynamics, effective communication, decision making, and leadership are woven into discussions following the completion of each element.  Ultimately, Ropes Challenge Courses are dynamic and fun training tools, designed to help individuals and teams maximize their leadership potential!
The Ropes Challenge Course
Our Philosophy

The Lehigh University Ropes Challenge Course is committed to a core philosophy that promotes self-knowledge and leadership competence.  Our teachings are based in the Relational Leadership Model in which values-based leadership is viewed as a process, rather than a position.  We promote inclusiveness and seek to engage individuals in empowering, ethical, and purposeful skill building opportunities.  Learning happens by “making meaning” of life experiences.  It is essential that our trainings provide individuals with significant educational experiences from which important leadership lessons are learned at the individual, group, and community levels.

Benefits of a
Ropes Challenge Course

Enhance group cooperation, teamwork, and leadership skills
Promotes problem solving and critical thinking abilities
Builds confidence and self esteem
Develops camaraderie and friendship
Provides a fun and challenging learning environment