Elements of the Challenge Course
Program Overview
The Lehigh University Ropes Course is comprised of a variety of challenging elements.  Each program is tailored for a group’s specific needs and training objectives, so it is possible that participants will experience elements not listed below.  Also, given time restraints, a session may not include all the elements of the Ropes Challenge Course.
Every Ropes Challenge Course program will begin with an overview of the workshop, including expectations and safety instructions.  We ask that each participant be committed, safe, respectful, and diligent while enjoying the challenge course.  Our professional staff is committed to the safety and training objectives of your group and, of course, will work to ensure every one has fun.
Vertical Spider’s Web
Horizontal Spider’s Web
Team Beam Challenge
The Porthole
All Aboard
Amazon River / Alligator Challenge
Commitment Bridge
The Cable Walk
The Initiative Wall
Trust Fall
Many more elements, activities, games, etc.
Element Descriptions
Vertical and Horizontal Spider’s Web
Made from a webbing of ropes, the spider web elements engage teams with the task of navigating through the web, facing various challenges along the way.  This element emphasizes the need for strategic planning, commitment to a team goal, and communication.
Team Beam Shuffle
This element asks participants to balance upon a beam while they rearrange in a specified order.  This element emphasizes communication and innovative thinking.
The Porthole
This element challenges a group to have each member of the group pass through a raised porthole.  This element emphasizes teamwork, communication, and commitment to a team goal.
All Aboard
This fun, opening element asks that all members of the group board a platform of limited size at the same time.  This element emphasizes teamwork, support, communication, and innovative thinking.
Amazon River / Alligator Crossing
This element offers the group two bars to use in traveling from platform to platform across the “alligator pit.”  This element emphasizes innovative thinking, teamwork, communication, and determination.
Commitment Bridge
This element is comprised of two low-lying wires that form a “V.”  The members of the group form two-person partnerships which then face the challenge of moving along the widening wires, supporting each other as they proceed as far as possible.  This element emphasizes trust, commitment, and friendly competition.
Cable Walk
This element requires participants to work together in balancing their way across several low-lying cable segments, facing various challenges along the way.  In addition to testing your balance, this element emphasizes partnership, diligence, and communication.
The Initiative Wall
This is perhaps the most well-known element of a low ropes course.  Teams are challenged with the ultimate obstacle to their path, the wall.  Groups must work together to get all members over the wall, facing various obstacles along the way.  This element emphasizes teamwork, overcoming challenges, and positive reinforcement.
Trust Fall
This simple yet powerful element has members of the group support a participant as he or she falls blindly into their arms.  This element emphasizes, above all, trust.