Academic Year 2009-2010 Seminars

Summer 2009 Seminars

Lehigh University STEPS Building Site Visit
July 15, 2009
Christopher Ruiz, EIT
Staff Engineer
CVM Engineers

The Design Project and the Role of the Architect and Structural Engineer
July 24, 2009
Donald J. Ghent Jr., AIA, CSI
Principal and Technical Director

Understanding Geotechnical Reports and Case Studies of Complicated Foundation Engineering Projects
July 30, 2009
Tony D. Canale, P.E.
Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers

Case Studies in Forensic Engineering
August 7, 2009
Glenn Rentschler, Ph.D., P.E.
Principal and Unit Manager
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates

Fall 2009 Seminars

Effective Steel Design – Lessons from a Fabricator’s Perspective
September 18, 2009
Eugene Grossi Jr., P.E.
Vice President of Engineering and Quality Control
Samuel Grossi and Sons

Samuel Grossi and Sons Steel Fabrication Plant Visit
Pennsylvania Convention Center Site Visit
September 25, 2009
Eugene Grossi Jr., P.E.
Vice President of Engineering and Quality Control
Samuel Grossi and Sons

Repair and Retrofit of Concrete Structures
October 9, 2009
Rob Gargano
Business Development
Structural Preservation Systems

Fritz Centennial Symposium
October 22 - October 24, 2009

Recent Innovations in Precast Prestressed Concrete Design
November 6, 2009
Frank Nadeau, P.E.
Vice President of Technical Services and Business Development

High Concrete – Precast Concrete Plant Visit
November 13, 2009
Kenneth C. Baur, P.E., Director of Research & Development
Gary Reed, Technical Sales Support
High Concrete Group

Improving Your Chances of Landing a Great Job
November 20, 2009
Lisa Willard, P.E., Vice President
Brian Quinn, P.E., President
SE Solutions

Spring 2010 Seminars

Construction Management and Structural Engineering
January 22, 2010
Sarah Csikos Moran, Project Engineer
Jeff DiSabatino, Project Manager
Adam Rosmarin, Vice President
Clark Construction

BIM, LEED, and Design of Long Span Structures
January 29, 2010
Daniel  A. Cuoco, P.E.
Thornton Tomasetti

Progress Engendered by Collapses of Record Setting Structures:
Malpasset Dam, World Trade Center Towers and KB Bridge in Palau
Fazlur Khan Lecture Series*
February 26, 2010
Zdenek P. Bazant, Ph.D., S.E.
McCormick Institute Professor & Walter P. Murphy Professor
Northwestern University

Design of Epcot’s Spaceship Earth
March 3, 2010
Glenn R. Bell, P.E.
Senior Principal and Chief Executive Officer
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

Lateral Systems for High Rise Construction
March 5, 2010
Stephen V. DeSimone, P.E.
President/Chief Executive
DeSimone Consulting Engineers

Fazlur Khan Lecture Series*
March 19, 2010
Ron Klemencic
Magnusson Klemencic Associates

Case Studies in Bridge Design and Construction
March 26, 2010
D. Brice Urquhart, P.E., Regional Director, FIGG
John W. Grove, P.E., Bridge Engineer, T.Y. Lin International
Alan D. Fisher, P.E., Chief Structural Engineer, Cianbro
Shane R. Beabes, P.E., Senior Associate/Project Manager, KCI Technologies

The ABCD’s of Bridge Building: Affordable, Beautiful, Constructible, Durable
Fazlur Khan Lecture Series*
April 16, 2010
John E. Breen, Ph.D.
Nasser I. Al-Rashid Chair in Civil Engineering
The University of Texas

11 Times Square Site Visit
April 23, 2010
Eli B. Gottlieb, P.E.
Thornton Tomasetti

*The Fazlur Khan Lecture Series is jointly sponsored by the department of civil and environmental engineering and the department of art and architecture.  Additional information is available at

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