The Individual Design Project

Structural engineering is a multi-faceted field full of fascinating issues. As a student, you may be yearning to learn more about a topic presented in class, or seeking to study a topic that your coursework doesn’t cover.

The individual project offers that unique learning opportunity. By providing the latitude to stretch beyond the boundaries of the course curriculum, students can explore more deeply an area of structural engineering that excites and inspires them. The individual project also gives students a chance to shine on their own, outside the group-focused work.

Topics may involve design, research, testing, investigation, and case studies. After honing in on a project topic, students work with the program director to select a practicing engineer or faculty member to mentor them throughout the individual project.

Work on the project begins in the fall and culminates early in the spring semester. Students prepare a written report and present their findings to the faculty, mentors, and invited guests of the program. The executive advisory board also receives electronic copies of all reports and presentations compiled by the students.

Past individual project topics include: