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Naito research update

NSF Funds Latest Naito Project

Through this work, he'll focus on creating a new way to enable infrastructure and buildings to withstand events such as explosions and impact from wind- or water-borne hazards.

Dan Frangopol OPAL Award

Frangopol Receives Top ASCE Award for Lifetime Achievement in Education

The OPAL award is given annually by the nation's oldest engineering society.

Tanzler Award

Student Award Honors Late Adjunct Professor

The Cliff Tanzler Memorial Prize was given to two outstanding graduating seniors.

Pessiki SCESCM

Pessiki Named Keynote for Sustainable Structures Conference

Learn more about the third SCESCM in Bali.

Lynal Albert

Lynal Albert Earns Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering

She looks back on her time at Lehigh and ahead to a career in academia.

Noble Prize

Number One Across the Disciplines

Mohamed Soliman '15 Ph.D. and his thesis adviser, Dan M. Frangopol, won the 2015 Alfred Noble Prize from a consortium of professional societies for an article they published on life-cycle engineering.

Spencer Quiel

Lighting the Way for Structural Resistance to Fire

Assistant professor Spencer Quiel helps shape an emerging field within structural engineering.

PC Rossin Fellows 2015

CEE Students Carry on Tradition of P.C. Rossin

Three civil and environmental engineering graduate students and three undergraduates inducted into Rossin Fellowship Program this spring.


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