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Kristen Jellison Research

A $5 Fix for a Nasty Parasite

Kristen Jellison and Sabrina Jedlicka have a grant from NSF to develop a biomimetic surface that selectively attaches to Cryptosporidium oocysts.

Masayoshi Nakashima

Earthquake Engineer Wins Top Engineering Honor

Masayoshi Nakashima '81 Ph.D. was recognized by the National Academy of Engineering for his pioneering work in hybrid simulation.

Food for Mars Explorers

Food for Future Explorers

The first humans to reach Mars will need technology to grow crops. Kevin Augustyn '17 wants NASA to know he's already on the job.

Dan Frangopol OPAL Award

Frangopol Awarded Contract to Help Solve the ASCE Grand Challenge

The leading professional organization hopes to significantly enhance the performance and value of infrastructure projects over their life cycles, reduce the life-cycle cost of infrastructure by 50 percent by 2025, and foster the optimization of infrastructure investments for society.

Naito research update

SenGupta Cited for Improving Access to Clean Water

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers inducted the environmental engineering professor as a Fellow for his distinctive professional achievements and accomplishments in the field of chemical engineering.

Naito research update

NSF Funds Latest Naito Project

Through this work, he'll focus on creating a new way to enable infrastructure and buildings to withstand events such as explosions and impact from wind- or water-borne hazards.

Tanzler Award

Student Award Honors Late Adjunct Professor

The Cliff Tanzler Memorial Prize was given to two outstanding graduating seniors.

Pessiki SCESCM

Pessiki Named Keynote for Sustainable Structures Conference

Learn more about the third SCESCM in Bali.


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