Current Academic Year Graduate Courses

For detailed graduate course descriptions, consult the University Course Catalog.

FALL 2016
CEE 322 Advanced Water Resources Engineering
CEE 344 Behavior of Soils as Engineering Materials
CEE 347 Foundation Engineering
CEE 352 Structural Dynamics
CEE 363 Building Systems Design
CEE 365 Prestressed Concrete
CEE 379 Environmental Case Studies
CEE 401 Modeling Environmental Systems
CEE 404 Mechanics & Behavior of Structural Members
CEE 406 Structural Reliability of Components & Systems
CEE 417 Design Project II
CEE 428 Engineering Hydrology
CEE 431 Life-Cycle of Structural Systems
CEE 455 Advanced Structural Dynamics
CEE 466 Advanced Finite Element Models
CEE 473 Environmental Separation & Control
CEE 477 Environmental Engineering Processes
CEE 478 Toxic & Hazardous Wastes
CEE 497 Condition Assessment of Existing Structures

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