Two top Chinese research universities award Frangopol honorary professorships


Professor Dan Frangopol

Dan M. Frangopol, the Fazlur Khan Endowed Chair of Structural Engineering and Architecture in the department of civil and environmental engineering, recently added a pair of honorary professorships to his distinguished vitae from two of China's oldest and most prestigious research universities.

On June 13, Southeast University recognized Frangopol for his international reputation and pioneering work in the field of structural reliability, life-cycle civil engineering, and maintenance and management optimization of deteriorating bridges. Frangopol is only the third person to receive an honorary professorship in civil engineering from the school, a distinction he shares with academic luminaries T. Y. Lin and Frieder Seible.

Three days later Frangopol was similarly acknowledged at Tianjin University, where he became the school's 54th honorary professor in its 116-year history and its very first with a background in civil engineering.

Frangopol received an honorary professorship from China's Tongji University in 2009.

Designated as national key universities by the Chinese Ministry of Education, Tongji, Southeast and Tianjin are all considered flagships of the country's higher educational system--one that clearly values Frangopol's trailblazing research in bridge design and maintenance. According to a 2010 statement issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers:

Dan M. Frangopol is a preeminent authority in bridge safety and maintenance management, structural system reliability, and life-cycle civil engineering. His contributions have defined much of the practice around design specifications, management methods, and optimization approaches. From the maintenance of deteriorated structures and the development of system redundancy factors to assessing the performance of long-span structures, Dr. Frangopol's research has not only saved time and money, but very likely also saved lives.

Frangopol views each new academic appointment as a chance to benefit the global practice of structural engineering. "Through these honorary professorships, I hope that the concepts and methods I've developed with my fellow collaborators and students will help spread economic prosperity, improve public safety, and enhance quality of life all around the world."

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--Shelley Drozd