This memorial resolution was delivered at the 9/19/11 university faculty meeting by Professor Emeritus Le-Wu Lu.

President Gast: The faculty of the department of civil and environmental engineering notes with deep sadness the death of Professor Emeritus George Dinsmore on August 7, 2011. George taught at Lehigh for 32 years, from 1955 until his official retirement in 1987, but he continued to advise and teach until 1990.

George earned a bachelor's degree from Yale University in 1946; an education certificate from Lehigh in 1948; and his master's degree from the University of Colorado in 1955. After holding faculty positions at the St. George's School in Rhode Island and the Fountain Valley School in Colorado, George returned to Lehigh, which at that time was a place he described as "male, conservative, middle-class, mostly engineers, [and possessed of] a very strong CE faculty doing cutting-edge research." As a member of that faculty, George was primarily associated with the undergraduate instructional program in civil engineering as both a teacher and adviser. He taught courses in engineering graphics, structural engineering and professional development, among others.

In 1968 George published the textbook, "Analytical Graphics." Upon learning of his death, two of George's former students wrote Jodi, George's youngest child, that they still have the book, now 40 years after they graduated. Alumnus John Hoover remembers George as a joyous and gifted instructor who had a talent for helping his students deconstruct a problem. Said John: Professor Dinsmore helped us see in three dimensions. And if there was something we did not understand, he helped us look at it from a different point of view until we did.

George's influence at Lehigh reverberated far beyond the classroom. He was the faculty adviser to Alpha Sigma Phi for 25 years; the Fraternity Alumni Association secretary for 20 years; and served on the Student Life Committee. He was the primary organizer of the Minority Introduction to Engineering summer seminars at Lehigh. And when the campus went co-ed in 1971, George became a trustee representative and eventually chair of the newly-born University Forum, a unique instrument of campus life governance in its time.

Former University Chaplain Hugh Flesher, who succeeded George as the Forum's chair, had the following to say about his late mentor and friend. Hugh's sentiments were widely echoed by the many family, friends and colleagues who contributed their memories of George to this resolution.

George was a leading voice, one of the most trusted faculty by students. He gave his friends and students a sense of their worth by the concern and attention he extended to them. He knew and loved Lehigh as a community. That love for community extended into the city in many ways. He was a responsible voice for the quality of Bethlehem schools, including the planning and building of Freedom High School, of what is now known as Northampton Community College, and of the Vo-Tech. He was a driving force in the establishment of Public Broadcasting Service Channel 39. Of course, George was instrumental in the founding of Godfrey Daniels, Bethlehem's unique contribution to the world of folk music. I think it is fair to say that Godfrey's reflected George's personal genius: warm, full of music, laughter and caring.

The faculty of Lehigh University offers sincere condolences to Elinor, George's wife of 60 years, his four children, and the rest of his family. Mark, Patti, Cindy and Jodi remember their father as a proud, loving, and dedicated family man of exceptional kindness and character. Ever the civil engineer and teacher, George's legacy to them includes many happy memories of family visits to the natural and architectural wonders of the U.S. and Canada.

Respectfully submitted,

Le-Wu Lu, Professor Emeritus
Sibel Pamukcu, Interim Chair
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

President Gast, I move that this memorial resolution be made a permanent part of the faculty record by being included in the minutes of this meeting, and that copies are sent to the members of his family.