Current Academic Year Undergraduate Courses

CEE 59 Strength of Materials
CEE 117 Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering
CEE 170 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
CEE 202 Planning and Economics
CEE 222 Hydraulic Engineering
CEE 242 Geotechnical Engineering
CEE 262 Fundamentals of Structural Steel Design
CEE 264 Fundamentals of Structural Concrete Design
CEE 274/CEE 381-74 Environmental Water Chemistry
CEE 275 Environmental, Geotechnical, Hyd.Lab
CEE 290 CEE Design Project: Civil Engineering Design
CEE 321 Open Channel Hydraulics
CEE 323 Environmental Groundwater Hydrology
CEE 354 Sensors, Signals and Systems
CEE 364 Advanced Project Management
CEE 366 Finite Element Method in Structural Engineering
CEE 377 CEE Design Project: Environmental Engineering Design
FALL 2013
CEE 3 Engineering Statics
CEE 10 Engineering/Architectural Graphics & Design
CEE 11 Surveying (first 1/3 of semester)
CEE 12 Civil Engineering Statistics (last 2/3 of semester)
CEE 121 Mechanics of Fluids
CEE 123 Civil Engineering Materials
CEE 142 Soil Mechanics
CEE 159 Structural Analysis I
CEE 203 Professional Development
CEE 207 Transportation Engineering
CEE 244/CEE 395 Foundation Engineering
CEE 259 Structural Analysis II
CEE 266 Construction Management
CEE 320 Engineering Hydrology /Flood Hydrology and Hydraulics
CEE 341 Ground Improvement Engineering
CEE 352 Structural Dynamics
CEE 365 Prestressed Concrete
CEE 371 Reaction Kinetics in Environmental Engineering
CEE 375 Environmental Engineering Processes
CEE 376 Environmental Biotechnology
CEE 378 Haz. Waste Treatment and Management
CEE 379 Environmental Case Studies

The fall course schedule is tentative and subject to change.

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