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Maintaining the high quality of health care in the United States, providing health care coverage for all Americans, and ensuring economic incentives to drive innovation in the health care and biotech industries are issues that are high on the agendas of government policy makers and legislators. Of all the issues faced by the American public, these are clearly the most difficult. The challenge is to find a balance among them that will lead to affordable, high quality health care that will benefit from the advances in medical science and technology.

Price controls of pharmaceuticals, foreign imports of cheaper drugs from other countries, government run health care system vs. market based health care system, Medicare prescription drug benefit, patent protection/international trade issues, regulatory compliance/speed of new product review, medical/scientific ethics, international health care models, etc. - all factors being considered in the current health care debates across the country and in Washington. The outcome of these debates will lead to a health care policy of the future that will affect not only the quality and extent of health care delivered, but whether the U.S. will be able to maintain its role as the global leader in innovative health related technology and science.

The 2004 conference will focus on specific issues related to domestic and international health care policy and how they affect future: (1) U.S. markets for pharmaceutical and biotech products; and (2) innovation in medical science and technology.

The conference will bring together health care policy experts to focus on inevitable policy changes in the United States. Speakers will present their perspectives on what health care will look like in the future and predictions for what the effect will be on the business of health care innovation and delivery. The program design will engage program participants in dialog about their particular viewpoints and concerns as well.

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