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Instructions for Completing Your 4PP Application

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Complete the four payment plan (4PP) application. Select the "4PP Application Form" option from above. If you choose to particiapte in the optional payment plan, the application is due by July 1st for the fall semester and December 1st for the spring term each academic year. Participation is optional; if you choose not to participate the semester balance will be due by August 1st for the fall term and January 2nd for the spring term. (Note: If the University is closed on due date, payment is due the next business day.)


1. Complete Student Name and LIN .

2. Enter all applicable expenses in the ESTIMATED EXPENSES per SEMESTER section. Additional information about room and meal rates may be accessed by clicking on the "Fee Schedule" link to your left. (Please note: any remaining account balance from a previous semester is not eligible to be included in your payment plan .) All prior account balances must be paid in full for the student to avoid problems with his/her registration.

3. Total your estimated cost for the semester.

4. Enter all applicable credits in the ESTIMATED CREDITS per SEMESTER section. (Please enter individual loan, grant, and scholarship amounts in the applicable spaces in the far right column, then total the individual categories in the middle column. PLEASE NOTE: Work Study awards cannot be included. ) Typically lenders may charge a 3% loan origination fee for Stafford and Parent Plus loans. Please be sure to enter the net amount of the loan after such fees have been deducted. Some general financial aid information can be found on Financial Aid's web-site at http://www.lehigh.edu/~infao/index.htm .

5. Total your estimated credits for the semester.

6. Subtract "TOTAL CREDITS" from "TOTAL COST" to determine your "PLAN AMOUNT".

7. Divide your "PLAN AMOUNT" by 4 to determine your monthly installment amount.

8. Complete parent/guardian information and sign the application at the bottom of the form.

9. Return the white copy of the application along with your first installment payment in the enclosed return envelope by July 1st for the Fall Semester and December 1st for the Spring Semester.


Important Notes:

The Four Payment Plan application is not the form for requesting changes to Meal Plans, GoldPLUS Accounts , or other charges. You must complete the form specified to initiate additions/changes to Meal Plans or Gold Plus Accounts.

Installment payments not received by the due date will be assessed a $25 late charge per month until the account is current. Accounts that remain delinquent may result in other fees and/or loss of registration. Delinquent accounts will lose eligibility to participate in payment plans in the future.


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