Jill Schneider, Ph.D.

Noah A. Benton, B.S.

Graduate Student
Behavioral Neuroendocrinology

Schneider Lab
Department of Biological Sciences
Lehigh University

Noah dot Benton at gmail dot com

FAX: 610-758-4004

Jeremy Brozek, M.S.


I am interested in how the neurohormone, GnIH (gonadotropin-inhibiting hormone) orchestrates behavioral priorities. My experiments will determine whether GnIH increases the appetite for food, inhibits the reproductive system, or both. Using immunohistochemistry, I will measure the activation of individual brain cells that secrete GnIH and create a map of GnIH-cell activation that occurs when hunger levels increase and decrease. I am using drugs that block GnIH binding to its receptors to determine whether GnIH is necessary for food-restriction-induced changes in hunger and reproduction. Other experiments will examine whether hormones secreted by the ovary control neural activity in GnIH cells. This work is related to the high incidence of obesity and eating disorders in women and the side effects of contraceptive and hormone replacement therapy.



  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Qt PCR
  • Stereotaxic surgery




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