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Volume 10, 2014 - Biological Sciences Newsletter - Spring 2014

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Department welcomes newest faculty member

The department is pleased to introduce Gregory Lang, Ph.D. as assistant professor.

Gregory Lang, Ph.D.
Gregory Lang, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

The department of biological sciences welcomed its newest faculty member, Gregory Lang, Ph.D. in August, 2013. Dr. Lang’s research focus is microbial evolution. He was awarded a B.S. in Molecular Biology from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and went on to earn his doctoral degree from Harvard University. Prior to his arrival at Lehigh, Lang spent six years as a post-doctoral fellow in David Botstein’s laboratory at Princeton University. Dr. Lang’s research is aimed at understanding the molecular basis of evolution. Greg notes, “Yeast species in the ‘model genus’ Saccharomyces possess a unique set of features that make them an ideal system for studying evolution in the laboratory. Yeast is a well-characterized eukaryote microorganism with a short doubling time. Saccharomyces yeasts can be propagated either sexually or asexually and either as haploids or diploids. In addition, populations can be frozen creating a ‘frozen fossil record’ of adaptive evolution. These tools allow us to watch evolution in real time as well as to analyze the historical events that led to the modern yeast species.”

The Lang laboratory is using yeast to address fundamental questions in microbial evolution: (1) How does selection shape the genome? (2) How does the structure of the genome constrain evolution? (3) Are evolutionary outcomes reproducible? (4) What role do chance and determinism play in evolution?”


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