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Grad student educates politicians

Charles Fisher at Capitol Hill
Chuck Fisher (second from left) in Washington, D.C.

All too often, the policy makers in Washington who set funding levels for agencies like the NIH and NSF do not comprehend the importance and critical nature of the research these agencies fund. That is why Falk Lab graduate student, Chuck Fisher, set off to Washington D.C. this past September to help them better understand. Chuck participated in an event called “Capitol Hill Days” put on by the Coalition for the Life Sciences (CLS), an umbrella organization for the American Society for Cell Biology, the Neuroscience Society, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute among other societies that lobbies on behalf of the life sciences.

Chuck met in person with the Lehigh Valley’s Congressman Charlie Dent as well as with Congressman Jim Gerlach from near Philadelphia. In addition, he met with staffers from the offices of Pennsylvania Senators Bob Casey and Pat Toomey. Lobbying as a team with grad students and post-docs from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Chuck explained his cell-cell communication research and its relevance to cancer and heart disease, as a means of giving the lawmakers a firsthand account of why federal research funding is needed to create jobs and keep our country on the cutting edge of science and technology.


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