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Matthew Close, Ph.D.
Matthew Close (Ph.D. 2012) displays
Teaching Assistantship Award

During the university’s annual graduate student appreciation week, biological sciences graduate student Matthew Close (Ph.D., 2012) was awarded the Teaching Assistantship award. Matt was nominated for the award by students in the Comparative Vertebrae Anatomy class.
Close was awarded his Ph.D. in August and is currently a teaching associate at Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. In August of 2013 he will begin a tenure track position at Radford University in Virginia. Matt’s research adviser while a Lehigh graduate student was David Cundall, Ph.D.


Lynne Cassimeris, Ph.D.The American Society for Cell Biology holds an annual Celldance competition where members submit videos of cell-related microscopy. The purpose of the competition is to promote cell biology in the scientific community and the public. It is also a way to highlight the value of video microscopy which has become a significant part of cell biology research.
Our very own Lynne Cassimeris, professor of cell biology, submitted an entry which was awarded second prize. Cassimeris’ video, entitled “Cell Wars,” was a Star Wars parody featuring a light saber-wielding epithelial cell struggling to free itself from an incubator. If you would like to see the video, please click here.

Dept. of Biological Sciences, Lehigh University
Aislinn Rowan and James Bowen proudly share their 1st place poster
at the HHMI SEA Symposium in June 2012

Each year the Howard Hughes Medical Institute holds its SEA Symposium where students present their research on bacteriophages (viruses that infect bacteria). In June, 2012 two Lehigh in the SEA students, Aislinn Rowan and James Bowen, traveled with Professor Vassie Ware to Maryland where they attended seminars and presentations at the institute’s Janelia Farm research campus. The highlight of the weekend was a poster session. Rowan and Bowen had the opportunity to share the work of their Lehigh class and received 1st Place for their presentation.

To learn more about the Lehigh in the SEA class, please click here.

Matthias Falk, Ph.D.
Matthias Falk, Ph.D.

Microscopic art work by Lehigh undergraduate and graduates was published by BMC Cell Biology in a 2012 desk calendar. Under the leadership of Associate Professor Matthias Falk, and images captured by students in BioS 368 Cell Biology Lab were featured in various months of the calendar. Members of the Falk Lab, including current and former graduate students, John Fong and Susan Baker also had images included in the calendar.

BMC Cell Biology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of the biology of cells, including organelles and cellular compartments, trafficking and turnover, signaling, motility, adhesion, cell division, differentiation and programmed cell death. Prof. Falk serves as a reviewer.





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