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Vassie Ware, Ph.D.
Vassie Ware, Ph.D.
Molecular Biology

In May, 2011, Vassic Ware, Ph.D. was elevated to the rank of full professor by the university’s board of trustees. This brings the number of full professors in the department to twelve.

Ware earned her bachelor’s degree from Brown University in 1975. She then went on to Yale University where she was awarded a master’s degree (‘78) and Ph.D. (‘81). Ware then returned to Brown as a postdoctoral research fellow.

Beginning her career at Lehigh in 1985, Dr. Ware served as chair of the Department of Molecular Biology (‘94-95), prior to the department merging to become Biological Sciences, and interim chair of the newly created department (‘96). She has been the co-coordinator (with Prof. Kuchka) of the department’s distance education program, as well as serving on the department’s graduate committee.

Professor Ware is also co-director (with Prof. Neal Simon) of the university’s 2006 and 2010 grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI), both of which aim to boost interdisciplinary research and educational opportunities for students.

In 2009, Ware was instrumental in working with HHMI to lead the Lehigh in the SEA (Science Education Alliance) class. This lab instructional opportunity provides a research experience to undergraduate novices at early states in their academic careers, giving them a real taste of experimental science. She is currently developing curricula to make this class a permanent addition to the department’s offerings.

The research in the Ware Laboratory is centered on understanding the molecular biology of ribosome biogenesis in eukaryotes. Using molecular, genetic and biochemical approaches, Ware studies several post-transcriptional events in ribosome maturation, including rRNA-ribosomal protein interactions, rRNA processing, and ribosomal subunit transport.

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